Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're havin a Blizzard, a beautiful blizzard!

You have to sing the title to the tune of We're Havin a Heat Wave...try it, it's fun! I have to try to keep up with my dear woodsy friend, although she was up at the crack of dawn, went outside and got several pictures whilst I slept under warm covers...and I took my photos through my window!!! But I did crack the back to door to snap one quick pic...while the Weenie Dawg ran away in fear that I was going to make him go outside to do his business! I guess he's planning on holding it for awhile...anyways, here you go...SNOW!!!
 Because the wind is so strong the snow is only deep in drifts but at times the wind is blowing so hard and the snow is falling heavier so that you can barely see that truck in the picture and its only about 50 feet away!
Cracked my back screen door open for this and in came the snow! But it's pretty calm at the moment so I thought I would take the chance to get some photos for those of you who aren't getting any of this lovely snow. I'll get some better ones later, hopefully, when the wind dies down some or the coverage gets thicker...we are supposed to have snow/blizzard conditions until 6 pm this evening so it should get deeper. Our current wind chill is -16...It doesn't bother me, though...I just stay inside! And so does the Weenie Dawg! He is currently snuggled in his bed by my desk and I covered him up with his blanky. How about you guys? Do you love or hate the snow as adults or does the little kid in you come out to play and build snow forts? How about getting ready for it? Are you a big on pre-storm prep or just take it as it comes? We're generally ready for just about anything...as long as I have my caffeine in the house, right?! : )


  1. I love snow, and were going to be getting what you got! lol! so far it's just a little breezy and cold and no snow fall...Yet. :o)

  2. hmmmm....so I'm woodsy now am I?
    You're making me feel all Paul Bunyun-ish.
    Great pics.
    I just grab my little doodle poodle dawg and throw him in the snow, he'll normally go outside and pee on the firewood just outside the front door. Adds a nice "woodsy" aroma when it's being burned.


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