Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The weather is wacky and what's permanent anyways?

Well, I guess the only thing really wacky about the weather is that the temperature difference between today and one week ago is approximately 75-85 degrees...! It was that much colder just one short week ago. It makes me think about how we think something horrible, like a cold or the flu or a broken heart, will last forever, when in reality this world and everyone and everything in it is moving so fast...what is really permanent anymore? Tatts can be removed now, scars can fade with enough vit E on them, landmarks shift or get removed, it's 70F in the middle of February and God can mend the brokest of all broken hearts...so, I guess what I'm really saying is everything changes and things will get better. But in the midst of all this constant changing I need to make sure I acknowledge and am deeply intensely aware of something or, I should say, someone permanent in my life, the one constant is The One who can do the impossible, mend my heart, bring sunshine to my darkest days and blow a clearing wind through my mind cluttered with all the day to day cares and open my eyes to the wonders and miracles He performs every moment I am alive and for eons before I was born. Miracles and wonders that will last, that are permanent, that reveal the unchanging never-ending mercy and love of our powerful Heavenly Father.

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