Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOYWW #160 -desk mess and some new cards!

Can't believe I am getting my post in so early today! Woohoo for me! I have to celebrate these little victories on days the thermometer goes past 110f! Its been around 118f in my black NO AC car every day this week, right at the time I have to take my son to the gym, which is 2ish or stinking hot! But otherwise I have been crafting, playing with my new treasures and things...and thank you Julia for hostessing this linky party!
Right side of desk, then left side...woo did I make a  mess this week! :) And it appears I have a ton of stamp sets out...I can never make up my mind so I get several out and then rifle through them...
Sorry this next picture is a little blurry, but below are some close-ups in focus...
This is one of my new cards, for that main front paper there I used the front of Pink Paislee's London Market 6x6 pad, that has the detail of all the inside papers. Re-cycle!
This is one of the 6x6 sheets from a package by My Minds Eye, folded in half, rounded the corners and used the pre-cut hole to thread a hand dyed ribbon and tie it in a bow! So its not a big card but will work great considering the sentiment...
The sentiment that I messed up! So I fixed like I once saw another crafter, in a magazine I think, do by cutting out a circle from similar paper, lining it up and re-stamping the banner stamp then re-stamping the Just me part and then inked the edges of that circle, put on a pop dot or two and placed it over my mess up! All better, right? :) Then I had to add a little glitter...
See how I used the pre-cut hole for my ribbon/bow? :)

 Details from first card....
 Then an anniversary card I made...
Used the directions from, um, I'll have to get back to you, but it wasn't me! :) I know it was someone really dear and very talented. Think it was someone I have found through WOYWW, if it's you will you please remind me in the comment section? :)
That's all for now...Thanks for stopping by and leaving your number and comments! You're dears, you know...

Update: I received a fabulous ATC from Okie Nurse late yesterday so I'm adding it onto this post, since I have to brag on her for being so talented and thoughtful! She sent this awesome bit of coolness!
I love that the occasion is right on the front so whenever I get around to finding out and doing what you're supposed to do with traded ATC', lost my train of thought. Or my destination. Hard to say! :)
And look at this lovely crisply clean and simple but detailed re-usable card she sent too! The sentiment is so I just have to find out where she got it and go get one for myself so I can make some cards with these words, they are so so perfect for many of the cards I want to send...and I've included 2 bonus shots of my craft room, from very late yesterday, so still Wednesday desk shots...

See how I haven't even managed to get all the stamp set packs put away before I've started something new! Oh, maybe you can't see them...they are buried under the prisma watercolor pencil set! :)
Shame on me, right? Heeheeehe
Have a lovely crafting week y'all!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am so excited I didn't even make it to my craft room! And its hard for me to type since my fingers are itching to open these packages I just received from a lady I can only describe as super mega sweet!!! No, those words aren't even good enough...just wait and you'll see what I mean. I've a few pictures to show you and they aren't very good since they are taken at my living room desk and the lighting isn't as good as in the craft room, but like I said I couldn't even wait until I made it to the craft room. Once I opened the box I received in the mail today I was all "Whats this?" and then "oooh, eeeeee, whoooaaa, eeeeeeee, oh WOW, lookeeee", and so on in that same vein! Somebody amazing sent me one of the biggest surprises ever! See:
A whole tool set with all kinds of attachy things that I have no idea how to use but I am MEGA excited to try it out! And beautiful double-sided papers from K&Company and a SU ink pad in a yummy looking eggplant and see that Antiquities ink pad? Its the most awesome color of pink! Pink is my favorite color! Its almost like she knew. ;) Hiding on the bottom is an alphabet stamp set that really rocks! I almost bought one just like earlier this week, now I'm glad I didn't! lol
She sent me Perfect Pearls!!! I love them and my local crafting store, yes we only have one, doesn't even have these colors...they are so bright! Just perfect to top of some of my favorite kinds of cards. Just opened the kreate-a-frame package and my mind is swirling with possibilities!
Treasure filled my whole desk!!! All the way onto my printer even! So much! Eeeee! Too many wonderful goodies to even tell you what they all are! But look forward to seeing them in the coming days in new projects!
Now who could have been this super fantastically sweet??? I bet some of you guessed already! I bet she is known for being a mega-sweetheart and here I am so new to the game I didn't know but I do now! And on top of being oober generous she is also veeeeery talented...its Cindy aka scrapcollectr! Without further ado here is the little gem of an ATC she sent...
Just look at that jazzed up ATC! Even my son, who knows just the tiniest smidge about crafting, was like "Man it must have taken forever to put those beads on! That's pretty cool mom." I don't know how long it took but what a special touch! I'm not sure if you can see the middle zebra but its glittery! :)
I just wanted to let her know (and totally brag on her generosity!) that if I hadn't had a charlie horse wake me up this morning I literally would have jumped for joy when I got all the goodies she sent!
Hope you all have a wonderful evening, I know I will with all these goodies to play with! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WOYWW #159 and misc. cards from the last week...

It's Wednesday again and I honestly thought I was doing pretty good, time wise, but the linky party Julia hosts over at Stamping Ground is already way past #150! Anyways, I have lots of pictures this week so here goes:
Shot of my desk this lovely evening...
 That's 3 stamps I made myself. The first one is from a TH bigshot die, which didn't go all the way through the stamp material but left a good enough impression I could cut it the rest of the way out. The other two pennants I eyeballed off a triangle tool from a math set. One is slightly bigger than the other so it should make an interesting stamp set.
 This is my new *favorite* stamp! I colored him myself. Obvious, huh? ;) I'm still learning about the watercolor pencils and all.
 Cowgirl card is for a super sweet local friend...she is so seems like no matter what trials she is going through she is still so encouraging and cheerful that the saying "Cowgirl Up" just suits her perfectly. She always cowgirl up's.
 Here are a few shots of a card I made for some brethren in my Church, but from my local congregation.

 I was playing with the lighting and fun effects. Kind of a cool picture, though. :)
Same thing, no filters. But these stamped and inked bottles are an embellishment I've been working on today. Next I wanted to share the amazing, and I am understating it, ATC's I feel so tickled to have received! There are just some tremendously talented people out there and I *know* some of them now! Eeeeee! :-D
  Dear Julia Dunnit sent this and it is so fun! It has all kinds of fun Britishy stuff collage style on it...I love it! :)
 Ever so talented Eliza at Queenartoypia. She made the ATC above and the postcard below.
 I really wish it was possible to capture the true colors! Eliza really did a fantastic job on these. :)
I have to say I was really kinda blown away when I opened the package by how awesome the above and below ones are! The pics don't even do them justice. Both were made by Lyndsey over at PlayTime for Mommyle. Isn't she talented?! I wish I could show the dimension in these! I also wish I knew how she made the bodice in front of the wings, but one thing I do know now is that I MUST have some seam binding! :)
Hope everyone has a lovely week crafting to your hearts content!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WOYWW #158

Disclaimer: Not a magic trick, nor a big ol' brag, the feat accomplished in this post is simply a result of super(almost magical) organization, and this post is intended as encouragement that YOU TOO can be organized and save time in the future. I say "in the future" because it takes quite awhile to get initially organized. If you want my *free* help in getting organized just email me through my contact info on the sidebar.
First off, a big thanks goes to Julia over at the Stamping Ground blog for hostessing this linky party for the most curious of all crafters! If you are curious, too, pop over there to see more crafty workspaces. Here are several pictures of mine all from this last my desk was too boring! For the first two pictures I was doing an experiment to see how long it takes to tidy up my desk, at least enough to start a fresh new project. First is the before... in the center up there is a right side shot...then left side shot down here:

I had A LOT of fun making the ATC's last week! :)

Actually the left side shot was tidied a day earlier a little so that picture doesn't even show how truly messy it had really gotten. I had all kinds of little embellishments, that I randomly make when the urge moves me, to try out on the ATC's. I really enjoyed making them because they are so little my little embellies didn't get lost! So I got to use some darling ones I've been holding onto for awhile. :)

Anyways, approximately less than one hour later here is my desk again:

 Right side then left side, all cleaned up!

And the last picture is to *prove* I didn't just shove everything behind me...not that there is anything wrong with doing that. NO judgment here! :) lol After all I'm only showing two areas of my craft room, not The Corner. Its hideous. So so wrong.

Though the left side of my thingy there looks pretty messy, huh? Its my paper-scraps-big-enough-to-reuse several more times and or make a card from/finish a card pile. My first tri-fold card is sitting there, just waiting for sentiments. And more tape. I used Zots brand double-sided tape and it didn't stick to the textured base cardstock at all!
Hope you are all having a lovely inky stampy cutty craftabulous week so far! :)

Edit: Heard back from two dears that I sent ATC's to so I will now post pics of them! Well, I'm still pretty excited about this ATC stuff. lol
The first is the one I sent to Miss Julia...I put a brad through the bird tail and covered it with the pink gingham bow so the bird moves, kinda like clock hands, only not... :) I didn't ink the edges or base layer of this one because I wanted it to have a really clean crisp look. Most of the embellishments come from the Girls Paperie, I think, except I put together the tassel thingy. It was fun to make! :)
This next one is the one I sent Mark. He asked about the brads...they were purchased at Hobby Lobby and both the crown and the letter M are by Paper Studio. The gear under the letter M is a jewelry piece/bead that I schumtzed to make it look steampunked and tin roof rusty. Eh. It got close... :)
 I want to thank you all for letting me make these and send them off. I am so pleased they were received warmly! :) I can hardly wait to hear how my others are/were received! Its growing patience in me. lol

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WOYWW #157

Hard to believe it's already Wednesday again! Time to show off my messy desk and what all sorts of crafty stuff I've been getting up to...not too much this week, I have a card I'm a little stumped on. Mostly because I can't commit. There. Its been said. Nah, I don't feel too much shame! ;) It's just that I have a vision but I'm not sure my technical skills can attain it so I'm dilly dallying around. Here is the unfinished card, and I learned the technique from, um, somebody else...ooh, happy-jeanie.blogspot, and she gives the credit to someone else and so on and on it goes because there are so many wonderfully talented imaginative people out there willing to share with the rest of us! So here, finally, is the incomplete card:
Then right above this speech blurble is my desk earlier this week...and below is my desk this evening, without having put much away from earlier in the week and before I've gotten back at it, tackling that faceless card again...
See, it's a terrific mess, huh? :) That was a wider angle and next is a little closer up, where you can see the remains or parts used for an ATC I was working on. Still am, truthfully. I want it to be more, *more*, than it is right now, ya know?
 More of a front on view...same desk, same mess. :)
Next is an embellishment I made thinking it might work well on the front of that unfinished card, but then I'm like, "It's a teacup," what saying or occasion goes with a teacup? If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments, especially if they are slightly snarky or sassy...otherwise the card may be too sweet and put someone in a diabetic coma or something! ;)