Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WOYWW #172

I'm trying very hard not to be last this week! :) Last at what? Well, thanks to Super Julia over at the Stamping Ground we get to show off our workspaces, also known as being outed every week before the world! But all in the name of craftacular fun, of without further ado here are my shots for this Wednesday:
The paper workspace, in all its, um, glory, shall we say? :) Then, below, is a card I made...
It didn't photo very well, and I was in a hurry, but it was made with Prima papers that are just gorgeous, trust me. You can trust me, right? ;)
Got a little inky...playing with some of my distress inks and a few embossing folders...

And, because my TH inks are starting to pile up so I don't know which one is where, I have labeled them by color. I wouldn't say I'm in love with this but it'll work, huh? And that's what matters here...
Last, but certainly not least, is my final ATC card to arrive! And, being such a sweetheart, this dear lady sent a few goodies along to boot! The ribbon is darling and has the popular, 'Keep Calm and Craft On' saying on it, so I imagine my next crafting party invites will be smashingly embellished with it! A few fab 3-d heart embellies and a sheet of classy gold stickers that I'm thinking will be go-to's for some anniversary cards, plus 2 packs of Magic Motifs, which I don't think we have at all here in the States. I'm intrigued to see how they work and one has some mushrooms in it that I can hardly wait to see how they look with my gnome!
So a big thank you goes to Kay at Crafty Spider, for her generosity, plus compliments on the beautiful and colorful ATC she created for me. :)
And that wraps it up for me this Wednesday evening. Take care all you lovely people's! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did you know it was Wednesday already? WOYWW #171

I did not! I thought it was only Tuesday...don't ask me why. lol But thanks to Julia over at Stamping Ground I'm all sorted out now. And ready to share my messy desk!
 Ebay is my new bestest friend...
lol :) I scored a huge lot of TH stuff for a super fab price! Tons of stamps, besides those pictured, and...
You can see how my distress ink pad pile has grown, and morphed into two piles, can't you? :)
Also wanted to share some Prima 6x6 paper that I am eager to use but I don't want to cut it up either! Does that ever happen to you? Well, I did get some actual crafting done. Made several card bases out of another Prima paper stack, the A4 size, perfect for at least 2 card fronts...the name of it is...Craftsman Collection.
All the papers in this pack are outstanding and turning out some really fab masculine card bases. I plan to add more layers and all kinds of whatnot to the cards still, but I'm already really thrilled with their start so that's good, right? Hope everyone is having a lovely WOYWW and I'll hopefully have some completed cards later this week. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Found: Kitten (Update after the pictures)

Lost: my mind! No, actually we aren't keeping this little miss, though my son would dearly love to. Look how adorable she is:

I know she was too adorable, right? :) She was just so tiny and furry and soft! But she did end up in a good home(my Aunt's), out in the country with 2 momma cats and several other kittens, some smaller than her, some bigger, but plenty of playmates and access to cat milk, which is better for her than the cow milk I have. My Aunt came to get her and sat with us and cuddled her and said she would feed her special soaked food like she does another kitty of hers named Little Bit. And Weenie just was not growing any fonder of her so I really was worried for her safety around here.
We came to have her because her mother abandoned her. She "cried" for 2-3 hours under our back porch, and we let her, hoping her mother would come back, but no such luck! Based on the size of the other kittens near here she appeared to be a runt, and my Aunt says some mother cats, but not my Aunt's, will do that to a runt. We tried to get her back in with the mother cats around here but they would have nothing to do with her so we couldn't leave her to fend for herself. So we took her in to keep her safe and fed her until we could find a good home for her, which happened thankfully quickly, as she was still very young and needed a momma cat to love her properly. So I think this story has a happy ending, at least so far. :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Everybody and their dog watches this show...

Here he is watching a forum talk, on, called "You can Conquer Discouragement."
It was a really encouraging talk, correcting and encouraging, and from the interest Weenie showed in it I'm guessing maybe even he needs encouragement at times. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WOYWW #170

Hmm, what's up this week? School, of course, been to the dentist for myself and the boy, next week even the dog gets to go! A few ebay scores have been trickling in, so fun. :) And I did a re-org of the craft cave, mostly the area that seemed to hulk behind me and just generally cause me to wonder, "What's in that cabinet again?" but the problem was I couldn't get to it to see inside for all the stuff in front of it which was blocking the doors. Solved it!
You'll never guess how.
Yep, took the door off. :)
So without further ado here are the pics of my desk this week. Why pics of my desk? Cause Julia says we can! Go see her to find out why and get in on the fun. :)
Here it is before the clean-up, because I remembered to get y'all a pic:
A little while later, won't say how much later because Doc Martin was distracting me on the tv...
And I finally got my curtain re-hung! Its been down for over a year and I know that because we hung my sisters wedding dress on it, which turned out to be too heavy for nails holding it in the wall! Wedding dresses are heavy, folks. :) But she got married July 3rd of last year! Anyways, this area got in on the re-org...
Above is the after(see the missing door on the right side of the pic or where it used to be?) and below is the before, at least of some of that area. It looks much tidier now, trust me. And fits my paper packs better. :) I like the packs on their sides as they are easier to get to than how I used to have them piled up.
What's this bonus pic? Well, once it got all tidy a creative urge struck me so I made a new mess! lol
Have a lovely rest of the week dears and enjoy your everyday, please? Thank you! :)