Saturday, February 12, 2011

Overnight Guests!

My lervely niece...
 In her monkey jammies! Look at her pose...not her first rodeo, huh? ;) Next is my nephew, trying on a cabbage patch doll shoe...his dad would have a fit! But when my niece is here the mess goes from being cars and trucks to dolls and play food.
Ignore the hideous couch...the linen slipcover in a nice tame cream color has to get washed and bleached fairly regularly with a growing boy in the house, specially since his feet can't stay off it! Its all good though, it can be thrown in the washer and dryer easily. I highly recommend slipcovers if you have children. So easy to wash...

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  1. Cute! have a nice visit with them. I use slip covers on our recliners, not because of kids but because of Hubby! LOL!!! we also have pets to, so it just keeps clean up easier :O)


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