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A place to check out the stuff in other people's places! I lerve the internet!!! And some stuff from my house...
This is the slide out working surface I installed on my paper crafting desk in its pictorial debut. I've been using it for about a year or so now and its really handy. Totally worth the pain of installing it...
 This is the inside of one of the three white cabinets above my craft desk Its hard to see but the bins are all clearly labeled to let me know which of my extra supplies are in which container. The other two cabinets are fairly organized as well.
 This is a close-up of how I recently re-organized my craft desk to work better for me and how I am paper crafting these days. There were stickers hanging up before, which are now mostly in a drawer, much easier to thumb through that way. So anyways, my stamps and inks and pens and scissors and adhesives and glitter glues, and Dollar Tree glitter nail polish works super as a glittering agent, are all right in front of me within easy arms reach.
 This is just to the right a little and still within arms reach, well my right arm anyways.
 This is a spice rack or video organizer that I re-purposed for my craft supplies. It works super! Here is the right side.
 Here is the left side...
 Here is the middle and of course the doors fold in and it gets closed up all neat and tidy looking...
So those are some pictures of the details of my craft room.

Got a Cricut Create this week...mixed feelings about it so far, mostly because the controls aren't very intuitive and the "instruction" manual is sadly thin and lacking in the instruction department...but I know how to google so it will just take me some time to figure it all out. Anyone who has any ideas or tips on using a cricut can post them in the comments section at the bottom of this page...I really appreciate any help!

First up is from everybodies fav, home maven Martha...

I just love the simplicity...even if ladders as accessories is a bit overdone!

Next is something I think is really cool that I found awhile back online, can't tell you where because I'm too visual for that! I just save the pictures since the concepts don't seem that complicated to me...
This was done in an attic, I believe, under the eaves area...but could be done any room with an awkward slanted ceiling or a room with regular ceilings, too. I actually love everything about this room and concept. I mean, its pink to start off with, and is packed with space saving ideas, additional storage, plus provides plenty of girly privacy for its occupants...what's not to love?!

Next is a boys space saving design...
I put the extra big picture in so you can see all the details...I think this design would work great for a shared room or a small room for makes the most of the space available and would leave plenty of floor space free for all that rambunctious playing dear boys like to do...I mean, a train track takes up a lot of room! So does a race track, building blocks, etc...I have also seen this design with a curtain all the way around the area under the upper bunkbed so that it resembled a fort and suited children a little too young for a desk better. The full plans are available somewhere online...check here, but these aren't free. They do most closely resemble this setup though. You can click on the picture to see it bigger.


  1. I love the way you have everything so fantastically organized...that is something I really need to do with all my stuff. I hate not being able to find things when I need them. Have a wonderful week! Hugs Jennifer

    1. I love organizing sooo much I did it professionally for awhile! My whole house is pretty organized but not always, um, clutter free? Maybe it would be kinder to myself if I just admitted we really need a new shed to replace that one that was taken out by the tornado last spring...maybe this spring? Actually, most of the clutter in the rest of my house is spill over from my craft room! I heart all crafts! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week as well! :)


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