Friday, January 27, 2012

Some new cards I made this week...

Happily crafted what I hope are some lovely cards, some I can't show you just yet because some of my dear readers will be receiving some of them, but others I can share already so here you go:
 This is the cutest vintage styled card, it came together fairly quickly and I heart it! Someday I'll send it out...

 This one is for a lady to give her brother-in-law that's just like a brother...if that makes any sense... : )
 Random card shaped like a giant gift tag...with glitter!!!
 I made this one a long time ago but I don't think I ever posted a picture of it so...its better coordinated than it appears, though...and glittery!
 I think the next one is just funny...if you get it, that is. It was a real quote from a website of quotes, only I can't remember now who said it. Probably because I think they can't have been serious...

I know it doesn't seem like much but it takes me at least an hour to make a simple card. If it has handmade embellishments, like rosette's or cut-out pop-ups or pop-out text/pictures or glitter or embossing or inking, then it takes at least 3 hours to plan, make and assemble all the parts, not counting drying time for any individual pieces that need drying between working stages, which is why I'm usually working on several cards at a time. But I really love doing this creative stuff, no matter how long it takes which it probably takes so long because I'm a perfectionist and I tend to fuss over little details that probably no one else ever even notices, but I do! : ) I especially love it when someone has a special request for a card they would like to give someone else. And on that note I want to say a big *THANK YOU* to my sister, Shandy, for all her special requests that I have hopefully, she hasn't seen them yet, fulfilled satisfactorily!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening!

Monday, January 23, 2012

She'll kill you...

Don't go to this site unless you have 19 hours you don't know what to do with because you will not be able to stop reading this stuff! And make sure you go the bathroom before you even start reading. Trust me. I would not lie to you about that.
Preview of hilarity to be found:
But a word of caution: she has a potty mouth at times.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A few new cards and such...

I updated my Decor and More page with some more pics of my craft room and...
Here's what I've been working on the last few weeks, 3 special requests from my bestest friend and the mock-ups for a special request from my dearest lovely Sis...
 The first card is a thinking of you kind for someone she knows. The next one, really colorful, is a 65th wedding anniversary card for her grandparents.

 The next one is for her to give to her husband for their 17th wedding anniversary.

 This next card has very special artwork created by a very special dear son! My 13 yr old created the drawing, inside the frame. Using watercolor pencils, I think?

 The next two cards, one in blue and one in pink, are for my sister's special request. The pictures don't show the true blue very well but you get the idea...

 This last one of both of them has been color corrected and shows their color a little better.
 This is a thinking of you card...well, I guess that was kinda obvious... :)
 But check out this rosette! It's like an inch tall...and 3.5 wide.
 Here is the card I'm thinking of using it on...with the saying,  "Rise Above It"
 Here is a shabby chic framed 3-d piece of eye candy...especially yummy for butterfly fans...

 Look at the tag with the cute little pink ribbon tie! And the sparkle on the little flower...adorable, right?
 What would a creation by QL be without a crown?!? A pink crown of course!
 Yes, sometimes I really think I nailed it...and I don't mind sharing my enthusiasm for one of my creations or two... :)
Here is another one I'm still working on but its another piece of shabby chic 3-d...let's call it art shall we?
 This lovely lady has the most poignant haunting look on her face. You just really fall for her...
 So that's a close up of the part I'm still working to make it appear neat from the side view? I need to cover the triangular gap caused by making the floor she is standing on pop I'm still thinking about embossing or glittering part of the saying...and wondering if the chandelier needs blinged out...

 So, what do y'all think? I think the lady graphic is from itkupulli....she sells lots of graphic sheets that are so super for all kinds of projects. I have a link to her blog somewhere on the right side of this blog, I think in my blog roll maybe?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pictures from most recent Crafting Party...

My lovely sister even made it up for our last crafting party! The ladies didn't really have any projects they had been working on so I taught them how to make a couple different kinds of paper flowers and paper rosettes. I also gave a "live" showing of my paper rosette trick, which *blew* their minds! It was so fun. Now we can't stop making paper rosettes and by we I mean to follow! But first here are the ones from the crafting party.

3 very young ladies were able to make the party since school was on winter break and we let them decorate some pink bags to take their new creations home in. The pictures of the flowers the ladies made really didn't do them justice. Their flowers really turned out very pretty but its next to impossible to grab a super good picture on the run, ya know? Anyways, here are some shots of the many, many, many rosettes I've been making...I just don't know what to do with them now. Leave suggestions in the comment section, if you have any you care to share...they don't all have their centers done, so I can still do lots of different things with them.
 Wow, these did not photo very well, either. They are much much cuter in person. : (

 This one even made my Mom gush about how precious it is! (She's not really a crafty lady, but she pretends for me. Only she didn't have to on this one!)

Love these puppies, but they do have some real dimension to them so putting them on cards gets a little awkward so any other ideas for what to do with them?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Newest find...

Just put a new button on my blog, somewhere over there at your right...see it? It's for the Ric Rac and Polka Dots blog and the lovely lady who calls it home writes the most poignant postings, with the cutest vintage images ever! Her post about saying good-bye to Ethel brought me to tears, she ends it so beautifully. You really should take some time and treat yourself to a lovely read, today. Over there, not here, silly! ; ) You sweet readers deserve the treat so enjoy! Just click on the pic and read to your hearts content, but have tissues handy, just sayin'. : )