Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pics of our new place!

Before and after pictures of the booth we just set up and the store front we just re-did:
So the booth pic has our partially assembled big display piece already in it, oops...

 Here is the back wall, I hung a vintage linen and white twinkly lights to cover the pegboard and give it some character:

 It's not completely full at the moment but we'll get it there. I should have taken some close-ups of our stuff, especially the doors I hung my sassy embellishments on. It's flat-out gorgeous close-up, no kidding.
Next picture is the store front where our booth is. The display is um, lackluster? Disjointed?
 My booth partner did the painting, she is sooooo talented! She did it on the inside of the window so weather wouldn't damage it, which means she did the whole thing backwards! But it looks awesome, right?
Sweet snowman, huh? We were trying to keep it just blue and white but we needed some pop of color so we threw the red in. The new display on the shelves was my major contribution to the store front.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Favorite Video and I love this song, too!

I love this song and video...go check it out.

Aaron Lewis is such a cutey, huh? Yes, I am a little weird...

You would think...

We've been pretty busy around here the last few weeks/months, so I haven't been posting as much as I should've...but I finally finished a few projects today and got some pictures of them so I can share! I'm making some new things and I still have a few others in the works that I don't have pictures of yet, since they aren't completed, of course, but as soon as they are I hope to have pictures up for ya'll. And BIG NEWS...a friend and I are opening a booth in a small crafter's mall here in my hometown! Yeah for us! Her husband says she has to make some money or quit crafting and my husband says, oh wait, that's right, I don't have a husband! For once I can say nannynannybooboo or some other form of heeheehee...but I would like to be a "profitable" kind of servant so I'm hopeful that a physical location to show off my creations will work out better than etsy did. I just don't have the dedication that working a shop through etsy requires, ya know? Plus, they nickel and dime you to death! Anyways, we're really excited and planning to set up shop on Tuesday next week! So, on to the pictures...first up is the beginning of our shop name wall thingy...the letters are Q and L which some will recognize as my online "persona".
 Partially finished...I used flexible greenery for my base so my letters could have plenty of flourish to them and still feel organic since the occasional bit of greenery peeks through.
 Pretty much completed my Q here...
 And here is my L, also pretty much completed...

 That's the tips of my toes in my pink and brown Croc flip-flops up there! And the QL completed and together, which is sorta how they will be displayed.
 Close up of the Q and L...
 And I will have before and after pictures next week of our booth! Next are the apothecary jars I have been making...
 That's a large, medium and small, from left to right and I am planning to sell them in our booth! Accessories not included, of course, unless you really need some cotton balls, q-tips and a few fake white roses... :)
This set is a little different from the first set, or at least the large apothecary jar in the middle is different. It's larger and I'm not married to it's lid that part is probably still a work in progress, although I found some pieces at HL tonight that I think will look awesome so we'll see. I guess that's all for now. I still have to figure out how to make two long postcard ribbon thingies for the doors to go on our main display piece of furniture...we'll hang my hairbows/clothing embellishments from them and stack our glass wares(my apothecary jars and my friends Redneck Wineglasses) and my cards on the shelves. I found some really cute little take-out boxes to display my necklaces in, and they make a bonus ready to go gift wrapping!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday! Again?

So far today I have accomplished little...but I did order a new shower fixture for my walk-in shower, since my old one leaks terribly. I feel great for getting that done since I've been meaning to for I'm totally saving the earth! One drip-less faucet at a time...