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I posted a tutorial on youtube...how to make paper rosettes without using your hands. I mean you have to use your hands, but there is a really cool tip on how to make it super simple and practically hands-free...and I haven't seen anyone else out there with this trick so go check it out. Just for fun! :)

New tutorial on how to make an envelope for ATC's!

First step is to cut a 12x12 piece of double-sided card-stock weight paper into 4 6x6 pieces. (I guess you could start off with a 6x6 sheet if you only needed to make one or two envelopes, actually. But this pattern makes 4.)
Then score at 1 and 1/2 inches and then again at 4 and 1/4 inches, so it looks like this:
The two pieces sticking up in the air will be called flaps, as I have no idea what else to call them! :) Next I used the inside of my tape roll to get the perfect arch for the back of the envelope(which is the area between the two flaps) and a Spellbinders die to get the front shaped properly. If you don't have that die you can just draw a straight line across the front(which would be the area in the two outer flaps) and then use a circle punch to cut out the tab that will allow you to pull out the ATC, you'll see what I mean in the last picture. Then just cut those areas away so you get this:
Place double-sided tape between the two folds for the flaps and then on the outside of one of the flaps, where it will meet the other side, but you may have to cut your tape in half lengthwise, as I had to. The next picture shows the seams all closed up, though it is hard to see the middle seam, thanks to how well this pattern matched up.
Now that you see the seams all closed up you can see the area where you should use a circle punch if you don't have the die I mentioned earlier. That little notch allows you to pull your ATC out easily. Hope this tutorial was helpful and gives you a fun way to present and protect your ATC's. :)

Want to move some heavy furniture around and can't find/don't have any sliders? Just take a wash cloth, fold it in quarter sections and slip it under each corner or leg and it will help the unit slide easily...this trick wont work on carpets or rugs, unless you put some thin shiny or smooth cardboard under the clothe to help it "glide" over the carpet or rug. Also good to use when you want to move things around without scratching or otherwise marring a wood floor.

Just found this cool tutorial on making a pot lid organizer or holder...

Looks good, right? So simple! Use a curtain rod, cut it down in size if you need to, mount it where the lids will be handy and wah la! Organized accessible pot lids! If that's not enough details follow the link for more.

Just found this tip about sewing..

If you end up with loops or tangles on the top of your material, or what you can see while sewing, then your upper tension may be too tight. 
If you end up with loops or tangles in the underside of your material, or what you can't see while sewing, then your upper thread tension may be too loose.
Now, if anyone knows where to find the thread tension, let me know! ;)

Do you have a shirt that fits everywhere but the arms? Or would you like to have more working room in some shirts than the manufacturers gave you? Well, if you would, stay tuned...a tutorial is coming your way soon! I altered some shirt sleeves last night so I can do gardening and housework more comfortably in them, but I need to get some picture taken so...

Super cute and easy hair accessories! Check here for more details and the how-to-do!

 More great projects and tips coming your way soon!


  1. Could you provide a link to your youtube tut...would love to check it out. I'll see if I can search Utube on your name & find it in the meantime. Tnx.

  2. Hey Mary! Thanks for stopping by. :) The link should be highlighted or show up as a different color text in that first paragraph up there. If you go back up to the start of this page and click on any of the words in this sentence, "how to make paper rosettes without using your hands" it should take you right to my video on youtube. If not here is another link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zla3-K_9-4A
    Which you may have to copy and paste into your browser bar. Hope you can see it and use it! :)


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