Monday, February 28, 2011

Lookee at my lunch!

I've been craving some nice big salads lately and so, if you will pardon the lack of fine china, I took a picture of my lunch today because, well, other than the plumbing issues in my sons bathroom there just isn't too much else happening today...but it is pretty early in the day so we shall see, huh? ;)

I said it was a big salad, I didn't say it was a healthy one! hahaha But I think it's good for me; romaine and baby spinach make the base, then comes what I should probably do without but won't: buttermilk ranch, then grated cheeses, cheesy garlic croutons and finally the protein...oven roasted deli chicken cut on a 9 and then diced up at home and tossed carefully on top...Weenie Dawg prefers I toss carelessly so he gets what falls on the floor but it doesn't usually work out as he prefers. But I will eat almost half this salad now and then in a few hours I will finish it up, after adding some more chicken for the protein, and still be full for several more it's off to eat now! Hope everyone is having a more wonderful than surprising Monday, unless you like surprises... :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Plans?

So most of my weekend plans include, but are not limited to, avoiding writing a 10 page legal class paper and then actually writing the stupid thing. How do I avoid schoolwork?
Ya, I play around on my computer! No, I usually do housework, for real. But I caught some sort of stomach bug this week so all I really feel like doing is this:
But, alas, all my friends be well and it would appear that instead I am inflicting myself upon, well, I haven't figured that one out yet. How about I let you know later? All this thinking and pasting and uploading has worn me out...hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rockin' Robin...

Tweet, tweet...anybody else remember that song from way back when? Anyways, I have been catching up on my tweets the last few days and reading some pretty funny stuff...anybody want to chime in with a comment on who their fav funny tweeter is? You can follow me on Twitter if you want, or aren't already, by searching for Deeyll and when you see my pink crown you will know you have found the genuine article! As if I'm famous enough to have a copycat...hahaha! And here's a funny pic just for stopping by today:
I think the bunny looks like he is floating on naturally supplied "gas" so you can imagine for yourself what the bird is up to!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The weather is wacky and what's permanent anyways?

Well, I guess the only thing really wacky about the weather is that the temperature difference between today and one week ago is approximately 75-85 degrees...! It was that much colder just one short week ago. It makes me think about how we think something horrible, like a cold or the flu or a broken heart, will last forever, when in reality this world and everyone and everything in it is moving so fast...what is really permanent anymore? Tatts can be removed now, scars can fade with enough vit E on them, landmarks shift or get removed, it's 70F in the middle of February and God can mend the brokest of all broken, I guess what I'm really saying is everything changes and things will get better. But in the midst of all this constant changing I need to make sure I acknowledge and am deeply intensely aware of something or, I should say, someone permanent in my life, the one constant is The One who can do the impossible, mend my heart, bring sunshine to my darkest days and blow a clearing wind through my mind cluttered with all the day to day cares and open my eyes to the wonders and miracles He performs every moment I am alive and for eons before I was born. Miracles and wonders that will last, that are permanent, that reveal the unchanging never-ending mercy and love of our powerful Heavenly Father.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Overnight Guests!

My lervely niece...
 In her monkey jammies! Look at her pose...not her first rodeo, huh? ;) Next is my nephew, trying on a cabbage patch doll shoe...his dad would have a fit! But when my niece is here the mess goes from being cars and trucks to dolls and play food.
Ignore the hideous couch...the linen slipcover in a nice tame cream color has to get washed and bleached fairly regularly with a growing boy in the house, specially since his feet can't stay off it! Its all good though, it can be thrown in the washer and dryer easily. I highly recommend slipcovers if you have children. So easy to wash...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow pictures

Look, we got more snow! At least 13 inches! Then the sun came out and didn't even melt any of it...wonder when we will make it out of our drive again...
 This is a picture of my front porch...pretty cool drift, huh?
This is my neighbors truck...just thought it looked least through my window...not cool enough to actually go outside and take the picture, mind you...
But the snow is probably 3 ft deep here...
My little zoom zoom...won't be zooming anywhere today, though. I love how the snow drifted around it and didn't bury it from sight, like it almost did to my neighbors truck...
This is the view from my front porch...can you see the snow hanging off the neighbors house? As the day went on the snow on their roof got droopier and fell off in huge piles in places. That was cool. I wanted to get some close-ups of the evergreen in the top right hand corner...but I didn't want them bad enough to go out into the cold cold snow! You know how some things are prettier from a distance? Snows like that, so is my, oh nevermind...hope everyone who is getting some snow is enjoying it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weenie Dawg gets ready for the Blizzard!

Weenie Dawg got a new sweater today! Well, we are supposed to get a looooooooot of snow tonight and tomorrow so he has to stay warm, right? ;)

 He was cold from helping me bring in the shopping bags so he went to the vent...he goes to it everytime he hears the heater come on! Poor thing is so cold all winter long, but I think the new sweater is going to help. Next are a few pictures of the new snow as it is falling...not very good pictures but its coming down pretty hard and the sun has already set so by the time it comes up again, and I "wake" up, there should be a really spectacular covering...

This is after only an hour! The other snow had melted, except in the bigger drifts, so there is already a really good covering from only an hours worth...maybe we actually will get that 8-10 inches, huh?

P.S. The excitement wore him out!
I gotta cover him up now so he stays nice and cozy...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Coupon love!

For anyone who shops online I have a code to get $25 off a purchase of $100 or more at Coldwater Creek. Not sure how many people can use it but if you shop there give it a whirl. The code is NZA1335 and good until 3/23/11. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Drifts!

Took a few more snow pictures, once the wind stopped blowing so much...
These snow drifts in front of my home peak at around 2.5 ft high...but they aren't the highest around!

The scene when I open my back door...just have a screen to let the fresh air in so the snow came in too!
Weenie Dawg looks at this and heads for the hills...and I'm not making him go out because...
 This is what awaits him at the bottom of the stairs and it's deeper than he is tall so I just can't make him do it.
Maybe I should try to throw him out past the drifts? But then he wouldn't be able to get back in! We're eager to dive into these drifts but with the wind chill it's still -4...and that's just too stinking cold!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're havin a Blizzard, a beautiful blizzard!

You have to sing the title to the tune of We're Havin a Heat Wave...try it, it's fun! I have to try to keep up with my dear woodsy friend, although she was up at the crack of dawn, went outside and got several pictures whilst I slept under warm covers...and I took my photos through my window!!! But I did crack the back to door to snap one quick pic...while the Weenie Dawg ran away in fear that I was going to make him go outside to do his business! I guess he's planning on holding it for awhile...anyways, here you go...SNOW!!!
 Because the wind is so strong the snow is only deep in drifts but at times the wind is blowing so hard and the snow is falling heavier so that you can barely see that truck in the picture and its only about 50 feet away!
Cracked my back screen door open for this and in came the snow! But it's pretty calm at the moment so I thought I would take the chance to get some photos for those of you who aren't getting any of this lovely snow. I'll get some better ones later, hopefully, when the wind dies down some or the coverage gets thicker...we are supposed to have snow/blizzard conditions until 6 pm this evening so it should get deeper. Our current wind chill is -16...It doesn't bother me, though...I just stay inside! And so does the Weenie Dawg! He is currently snuggled in his bed by my desk and I covered him up with his blanky. How about you guys? Do you love or hate the snow as adults or does the little kid in you come out to play and build snow forts? How about getting ready for it? Are you a big on pre-storm prep or just take it as it comes? We're generally ready for just about long as I have my caffeine in the house, right?! : )