Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weenie Dawg gets ready for the Blizzard!

Weenie Dawg got a new sweater today! Well, we are supposed to get a looooooooot of snow tonight and tomorrow so he has to stay warm, right? ;)

 He was cold from helping me bring in the shopping bags so he went to the vent...he goes to it everytime he hears the heater come on! Poor thing is so cold all winter long, but I think the new sweater is going to help. Next are a few pictures of the new snow as it is falling...not very good pictures but its coming down pretty hard and the sun has already set so by the time it comes up again, and I "wake" up, there should be a really spectacular covering...

This is after only an hour! The other snow had melted, except in the bigger drifts, so there is already a really good covering from only an hours worth...maybe we actually will get that 8-10 inches, huh?

P.S. The excitement wore him out!
I gotta cover him up now so he stays nice and cozy...


  1. Oh, poor tired and tuckered pooch! Cute sweater, he should be nice and toasty now.
    We did'nt start getting any heavy snow till about 2:30am and now it's still coming down good.
    I hope you post more pictures later!

  2. what a cute puppy. I've got two of them and the photo of your little angel standing over the heater vent....bout says it all about my doxies. They love being warm, under blankets or on you lap uder a blanket!


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