Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WOYWW #229...still! :)

Hey, I made it! :) I do miss getting around to visit all you fabulous crafters out there...if not because of how awesome you are then at least because of how your desks are always almost as messy as mine! :) Why would I go looky or show off my own desk? Simple. 'Cause I can. ;) Thanks to the super wonderful Julia over at Stamping Ground, where you can go find out what this WOYWW thing is all about and see more desks with creative happenings...happening. :) So, here's the pics...
Ya, not much happenin'...getting ready to make at least 4 cards though and do some is a card I made awhile back...the paper was partially patterned and then I stamped and embossed and diecut the hot air balloon, applied the washi tape and just generally had fun... :)
So, this is a bonus shot of the jewelry lots out a couple months ago (!) and then didn't make snot...except for a big mess! :) Nothing new there, right? lol
But, hey! Here's some roses for y'all! :) Arranged these today even...and posted! What?!
You can call me Super Woman. ;)
Now I have to get this up and linked and find out what some of you real Super Women have been up to in your crafty spaces...hope everyone is having an amazing day! :)

P.S. Did I ever show y'all how much my pup is lovin' our new loveseat?
Pretty cush, huh? ;) And isn't he totally posing?! Alright, hugs for you all! :)


  1. Your pup looks really comfortable on your new loveseat. There's a lot on your jewelry desk. Love the large beads. Your roses are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. #4

  2. fab photos great for having a good snoop :-)...lots to see which I love and what a cute puppy.Your washi collection is awesome happy crafting and I hope you get your 4 cards made.Crafty hugs Andrea#31

  3. I haven't had much happening on my desk except a big fat mess. I (sorta) cleaned up. Which means I put some stuff away and other stuff was moved to the floor. LOL. Nice card and your doggie is adorable!! Brigita #84

  4. Your work looks professional. Very cute puppy, great pose. I will be making another mess on my craft table soon. I just have always been one to clean completely between projects, may be why there is a span of time between mojo moments. Kim #90

    1. Oh, ya Kim...mojo is only happy in big big messinesses! Go crazy, go through your supplies and pull out everything that looks fascinating, before you know it you are creating like a mad woman...or is that just me?! ;) Thanks for stopping by...I'm off to return your visit. :)

  5. How you going there girl, missed you last night was looking but no where to be found and bingo now here you are. I was going to be shooting off an email to check on you if you didn't turn up soon. Love the card but the puppy steals the show sorry, he is one really handsome fella and looking so intelligent too. Anyway I will shoot you off an email.

    Talk soon,\
    Hugs Eliza

  6. I also clean between projects...It helps me know where everything is...BUT it takes just a short time before everything looks like your jewerly table...and I mean in a blink of an eye! Or so it feels that way. That might be an illusion, because when I craft I get into a peaceful zone Kinda lost in space so to speak, then I look up and egads!!! It looks like some think came in my room and threw up!

    Yeppers your put is sitting pretty!

  7. Amazing how pets always find the best spot in the house, isn't it? Love how busy you've been, the journal is ace. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #34 xx

  8. Ones pets always find the spot they want. One of my cats is on top of a wall unit in the Living room so she surveys all about her. Love the desk. Hugs francesca #66

  9. You are a hoot, Deeyll!! I have to start with that GORGOOUS pup! OMG! Look at that coloring! I am so jealous - what a cool dog!!

    Beautiful roses and, yep, a big fat mess on the jewelry front! The desk's looking good, though! Happy Belated WOYWW and enjoy the coming week! Thanks for coming by to visit me!! Hugs, Darnell #12

  10. I like how everything in your work area appears to be within arm reach. That balloon card you made is wonderful, and your dog is sweet. Happy WOYWW and blessings! #27


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