Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WOYWW #220

The saga continues! Last night I had to move the dog cage/bed as it stuck out too far and the way I had to sit was making my back ache, can't have that! So I moved things around under the desk and added a shelf to the ongoing craft room will serve as another crafting surface actually, since I put it level with my desk, there on the left under the clock, see? (And yes, it was 1:15 a.m. when I took this pic! But then I was too tired to join up before going to bed.) Speaking of desks, thanks to the ever lovely and wonderful Julia over at Stamping Ground, here's mine:
I don't like that tangle of cords back there by the TV, but what shall I do about it? Hmm. That little shelf is turning out to be very handy, so glad I know how to run a power drill and find least in my walls if not in my life! lol ;) And do you see I still have room left for more stuff on my desk?! The pegboard to the left of the TH inks is still empty and under the little shelf there is empty, too. But my washi tape spinner is totally full and I have 15 tapes coming on a slow boat from China...first world problems, right? Here is a close-up of the right side of my desk. See my new Disney paper? Gonna make some simple cards for boys...while enjoying my raspberry lemonade. :)
Here are the cards I made out of my new Hello Kitty! paper. Very simple as they are for little girls and I couldn't have buttons or whatnot on there that they might remove and choke on. You know kids. My son wasn't like that when he was little, but I know other kids can be like that so safety first, right? :)
I'm thinking I will sell them in packages of like 3 or 4 or something or just give them to that thing for Soldiers...Operation Write Home or something? That's also why I didn't add glitter or any other bling, like I normally the glitter! :)
Hobby Lobby is the source for the new papers, by the way, and they are on sale 50% off this week, too. You're welcome! ;) Enjoy the WOYWW everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WOYWW #219

Hmmm, a desk...where did I put that thing?! Awww, I know and why would I want to show it off? It's all thanks to Julia over at Stamping Ground! :) Here are several shots, now that I am a little more settled in:
View to the left and the next is panning to the right...
My dog had to have his bed so I rearranged everything under the desk to make room for him. Yes, he is a little spoiled. :) But it makes a handy surface too! ;) Continuing to pan to the left:
And the next shot is walking into the paper section:
Here is the fabric section, almost filled up...
Here is all I got done craft-wise. Yep. Slow week, was still very busy rearranging and organizing.
Last shot, promise! :) I guess I did get this stamp made, from fun foam or thin foam, and stamped it in dark blue to see how it looked...pretty good actually. I will end up use it, I'm sure.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WOYWW #218

Today's post is thanks to Julia at Stamping Ground for hostessing this fabulous blog hop and my sister. My sister?! Hey, I have a quick question for you...what do you get when your sister has the brilliant idea to switch your craft room with your bedroom, since your bedroom is bigger and your craft room is, um, overflowing? You get this:
An almost emptied craft room freshly painted "White Chocolate"...that's not so bad you say? Try this then:
And another angle...
That is almost all my craft stuff exploded into my former bedroom...but the mess doesn't stop there!
This is from the doorway into my bathroom...and that was with the headboard out of there! My headboard is an antique fireplace surround thingy...cannot remember at the moment what those are called but it took up the space in the left of this picture making getting into the bathroom a squeeze. :) There's more mess though...
Part of my living room, there is a couch under there somewhere! And what else was(and STILL is) in the living room?
That's right! My bed, sans headboard, and completely disheveled as the dog and boy discovered it's quite the comfy sitting and napping spot. Well, as if that wasn't traumatizing enough, I hated all the crafty stuff in my former bedroom because there wasn't enough wall space(two doors, large long closet, 3 windows-one with an AC unit in it) for everything to go back up on shelves and be organized like I like it. So guess what we did? Yep. Switched it back! But I did take the opportunity to rearrange things...
I've sprung a window in the middle of my desk now! :) This is the view when I walk into the papercrafting space. The next picture is once I am fully in and looking to the left of where I sit to craft now.
 And here is a wider shot of the right side of the desk...
Here is a shot from the left side looking rightwards...and the card I made last night, still unfinished. :)
I started making the card because I figured I would play around and get things where I want them as I craft and the best way to do that is, well, to make something! :) Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos of before, after and especially during, and I also hope you never have this experience yourself! It's exhausting! :)