Friday, March 30, 2012

Soooo busy, right?

It's turning out to be an incredibly busy time of year for us here! Whole weeks are just flying by and so often I just don't know where the time has gone. I totally missed WOYWW this week, mostly because I ran away! I have a dear lovely friend, the kind who knows you really well and loves you anyways, I just had to go see for a quick, super quick, visit. I didn't go online for a full 3 days! :-) And the weather has been so beautiful...I've been outside a bit, just letting the wind kiss me. I'd let the sun, but its burnt me before! I forgive quickly, but trusting again doesn't come so easily. Life can be like that, as well, huh? We get hurt and we heal, but we aren't in any big hurry to get hurt again, at least I'm not. But the time will come again, and I'll be ready to take the risk and, like it or not, I'll probably get hurt again. We all do. It always happens, because we're all human. No person is perfect, right? But I'm starting to see something...every person is worth the risk. We all need to be loved and even sometimes just being liked is enough. Sometimes we need to be needed and sometimes we just need to be wanted, but always, all the time, we are all worth taking the risk of getting to know.
I've also decided it is definitely sadder for a person to not be missed when they die than for them to be missed. I hope everyone has someone who will miss them when they aren't there anymore.
And thank you, dear Jennifer, for missing me while I wasn't here this last are a super sweetie pie! :-)
Hope you are all having a wonderful everything!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm trying something new out this week and joining, hopefully, a linky party called...
What's on your Workdesk here is a current picture of my two work areas. The first is my paper crafting area:
 Then a close-up shot...
 I just got some Pearl stuff this week and I've been playing around with it and using the distress inks to make my own background papers for cards. We'll see how that far I need some more practice. ;) Next up is my newly organized bow and jewelry creating station/desk. This previously held my sewing machine and all the do-dads that go with it, but last week amidst my "spring" cleaning I decided to switch the sewing center and the jewelry/bow center...after much work I am pleased to report that I'm very happy with how it turned out...all my stuff fits better now and is more convenient for me to use it, which hopefully means I make more stuff...
 I love that jewelry bead tray but so far I haven't actually used it for its intended purpose! I'm just using it to keep track of beads I want to use soon and random lonely beads. I feel for them. I really do...
 Now you can see what I stayed up until 4 A.M. last night doing...I made several bows and all that mess, plus some I actually cleaned up, and I am about ready to take them to the shop! Yeah! Hopefully they is a card I left at the shop last week:
 Its so, um, adorable? The picture isn't very good though and that's why my next project is to build a lightbox. But check out my Cowgirls Rule also has pink tulle that I don't think the picture shows.
I'm pretty happy with my projects this week and I love my messy desks, too, for that matter. They mean I have been busy in my crafting cave and that's always a good thing! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Had a free workout at Tan & Tone yesterday...the lady said we should feel it today but so far...nothing.
I'm really kinda disappointed. I was ready to feel the burn! She said I did all the machines properly...

so maybe I need more resistance? I guess I'll ask today since we are probably going back, depending on how the other lady I went with feels, of course. I'll let y'all know. I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath. ;)

Have a lovely day and maybe I'll get my homemade professional white-box or light box, I'm not sure which is the proper name, created today and have pictures and instructions up on the tutorial page later this week...or maybe not. :) Which just made me wonder, how do you take a good picture of something you make to take good pictures in???

Friday, March 9, 2012

Summer bird sounds...

I can't remember the name of the bird, if I ever knew it, but I know its song is from summer and I am hearing it already! It's not even officially spring yet here, but we had such a mild winter that appears for all intents and purposes to be over so now many of our trees have their blossoms out and regular spring allergies have kicked into high gear...thankfully mine are under control, but my mom is miserable! She doesn't go outside much anyways...
I have a few more things to do before sunset so I'll be signing off for now...but I did find my camera today and got the batteries put on the charger. Hopefully I will take some pictures this weekend so y'all can see what projects I have been working on the last few weeks or so.

I do have one more question...have you ever seen something that was supposed to be inspiring but instead it was de-inspiring? By which I mean discouraging? I saw some amazing cards in a magazine the other day and I just thought they were soooo beautiful! Which made me look at my own cards and think, "Wow...I guess it's a good thing this isn't your day job!" But I think that was just the hormones talking, as I am coming off another hcg diet phase and back into regular eating. :) I just wondered if that had ever happened to anyone else...I'm over it now, though in the end it did encourage me to step my card making game up to a higher level, to really challenge myself to create new better more complicated designs, so maybe it really was inspiring, just not in the way I thought it should be.

Well, have a lovely weekend you wonderful people!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Real Steel

Just finished watching this movie, Real Steel, and it was awesome! I'm not huge on boxing movies but this one has quite the twist since the "boxers" are robots. It was a pretty good movie to watch with my 13 yr old son, too, as we disregarded the 11 yr old main characters use of foul language! Thankfully there is not very much of that at all, but there is a lot of heart and action in this movie. But just a heads up on the language factor, otherwise super fantastic movie. I just love movies with action and heart, ya know?

We also enjoyed a shopping trip together to Hobby Lobby, earlier, where my son picked up some sort of helicopter model to build. He promptly tore open the box when we got home, so I know he's excited about it and I'm excited for him. I just hope he puts it together before he gets bored with it or accidentally leaves the cap off the glue and I sit in it! Not like that would EVER happen...I, of course, moseyed (and that is literally the dictionary way, I heart u google, to spell mosey after you have done it, you know past tense like) through the crafting section...where they finally had some new Sizzix stuff in, yah! Speaking of Sizzix, I still have a free embossing folder set with a chandelier and a Thank You if anyone has an embossing machine they will work in and wants them. Just e-mail me your info and I'll drop it in the mail to you. If I get more than one response, highly unlikely, then I will do eenie meenie miny mo for it! Which means we are ALL winners! ;)

I have to run off to the craft cave now to play with my new toys, I mean tools, and hopefully I'll have some pictures sometime this week for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time, have a wonderful whatever you are having! : )

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Another week just flew by! But we did have to recover from last week and all...this next week I start a class called Capstone. It's a class to test the accumulation of knowledge I should have acquired over the previous years in order to obtain my Bachelor's degree. And I have to pass it in order to get my Bachelor's. So that's not much pressure right? : )
But last weekend went really well. Our band had a great deal of fun, as did our dance attendee's. Our silent auction fundraiser did quite well, too, bringing in a bit over a $1000! I had several necklaces, hairbows/pins and card sets, as well as one 3 piece apothecary jar set, a shabby chic doll cradle with handmade blanket and pillow, plus a paper rosettes 3-D picture that all sold. Yeah! It was neat to see my stuff be wanted by people who didn't even know I made it, ya know?
On Sunday we kept the fun rolling, literally, by going bowling with our out-of-town guests. It turns out our local alley is very affordable on Sundays so we are hoping to make it a Church activity sometime.
Monday I went to another town with my sister's mother-in-law and spent the day shopping, I mean working out via walking all day. ; )
Tuesday my son and I went over to her house to assemble what she bought on Monday.
I can't remember Wednesday at all! But I did get a call on Wednesday and agreed to have a Craft Party on Friday so...I must have been awake at some point that day, huh?
Thursday I had a big paper due that I finally got done and then a house to clean in preparation for the Craft Party on Friday...
Friday we had a lovely, but shortish, Craft Party with the theme being Scrapbooking...which would seem to be right up my alley but I actually have never made a single scrapbook one! I'm a card maker. So I showed a few ladies who didn't have Scrapbooks to work on how to make some simple cards, which they seemed to enjoy making. 
I just read over that and it doesn't sound like much but I also had other schoolwork, my son's homeschooling, and more household stuff to do, plus I made a bunch of cards from some paper I got in a few weeks ago. This paper is the sweetest! It's by Prima Marketing and its called Romantique. I really heart it!
I'll try to get some pictures taken this week, which hopefully goes by a little slower, and put up so you can see a little evidence of my labors...
Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a wonderful week!