Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW # 169

I missed you guys last week! But I was waaaaay too busy. Today is a little better so here goes, shots of my desk and latest works. Why? Well, go see Julia and she'll set you straight! :)
See that fabulous card on the left...Eliza dear made it for me and did an amazing job. If you go to her blog you can see some close-ups. :) Otherwise thats how my desk was looking last night/around 2 a.m. but below is how it looked Wednesday of last week, when I got too busy to post. I had the best of intentions though, I took pictures and all...
Anyways, here are the cards I made with the current weeks messy desk picture results...ah, look I'm just stringing random words together here, aren't I? :)

 Had to have a second pic so you could see the clear embossed detail. Not that I did it but its still cool...
Take care all you lovely bloggers! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WOYWW #167 (Barely!)

Here I am making it in by a hairs breadth! That's an oldy but goody saying, right? ;)
Anyways, quick shot of my desk and current projects and a lovely card from a lovely lady from lovely North Carolina...If you don't know about WOYWW what are you waiting for? Julia will tell all!
Not too much going on, huh? I was very busy with the whole get into grad school full-time, not part-time thank you very much, business this last week or so. Plus something else...
 The gnome has a home now! I just got the home colored and I don't adore it but it will suffice...
That is a floor plan possibility I mucked around with for a few days before changing a bit more still and finally sending to a lovely blogger who has a royal moniker, as I do. :)
And this darling card of congratulations came from Sandee and was the first one I received for finally getting my Bachelors degree. Isn't she sweet? Make sure you go give her some blog-lovin'. (I hope that means nice comments and not something naughty!) My family also got me a card and some balloons and cheesecake, but most of all they just have supported and loved me and I can't begin to be thankful enough for that or tell them what their love means to me.
I hope you all have wonderful families that love and support and encourage you. :)
Take care dears, I'm wiped out from the stress of the last few days so its to bed with me.
Before 3 am! ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You want the good news first?

Edited 8/15: Thanks to God for hearing our prayers! I got my third class today! Woohoo! 

Okay, good news first...I got into grad school! Woohoo! :)

Bad news? How can there be any bad news?! Well, there is...

I have yet to secure a third class so I can be a full-time student. This is bad news for my fellowship funding. :(  We are praying about it so hopefully I will report soon that I am a full-time fully funded graduate school student. If its Gods will, of course. ;)

Take care dears! And any extra prayers will be greatly appreciated. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WOYWW # 166 and Official News!

My degree posted on my transcript(yesterday)but I just saw it today...I am an Official Graduate! So no one's throwing me a party but there is a celebration going on in my head! lol :) I know I already shared that I finished my last two classes but I didn't know what I made in them, I don't think, anyways I passed them both with A's, so that helped my GPA, yeah! Just thought I would share my good news with you, thanks for listening! :)

But onto why y'all are really here...the workspace! A big thanks to Julia over at Stamping Grounds for hostessing this snoop blast of a linky party! ;)
The desk shot. Not much happening, huh? :) Finally got that House Mouse colored image made into a card sentiment on the outside because, honestly, I love how the image pops off the faux wooden background so much I almost want to frame it and keep it for myself! lol
 The next image poses a problem...
This is currently how I have my clear larger stamp sets and embossing powders organized. It's so handy because it has a handle and all the little pockets on the outside that perfectly fit the little powder containers. The problem? Oh, you guessed already? So you have this problem, too? You have outshopped your storage solution? Me too! :) I'm wondering if anyone knows of any taller, thin but thick enough for stamps, containers I could switch to so my stamps can be reorganized to still fit into this handled container...I'm only overflowing it a little bit. :) And by a little bit I mean, um, like 6 sets or so? Not including all the little sets in one of the yellow bins, of course. But speaking of it...I'm sorta overflowing it a tiny bit too...just by 4 or 5 sets, though. :) If you have any suggestions at all I really appreciate them and links for pics if you have 'em! Thanks you lovely people out there online and in real life somewhere, somewhere over the rainbow...that'll be stuck in my head now! lol :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WOYWW #165

Not too many pics this week, just the desk and a few cards. Wondering why? Go see Julia at Stamping Ground and she'll explain it all and give you lots of other links to follow! :)
First is the desk shot...I just stood up from my chair and shot if I was like 6 foot tall or something this is what I would see when sitting and looking down! lol
Here's how I ended up using the steampunk birdies I stamped two weeks ago and colored one week ago...and that's why it takes so long for me to make a card. This card is cooler irl. The maroon area is embossed with gears and lightly sanded in places to make the gear parts stand out a little.
No sentiments on these cards yet as I'm taking some awesome advice to make them up and stamp the sentiment when I need to so I always have a card on hand, you know for "emergencies". (Yes, I mean when I have forgotten something. Like you don't ever forget anything?! haha *big smile and wink*)
Oh, that one's specific because it's for some lovely people who threw a BBQ. Threw a BBQ. Sounds like they picked up a grill and threw it, huh? Hmm, they hosted an evening get together featuring grilled burgers and such...sounds better, yah? :) Nothing on the front of that card was cut with my cricut or bigshot! And I couldn't find any printable patterns for the grill so this card was all me and for that reason I'm pleased with it, as it challenged me and I think I rose to the occasion...I mean, it does look a little like a grill, right? :)
The next card was fun to make...
Used the gear dies and one of my new stamps, that I colored in, for the focal piece, embossed the background paper in the upper left side with gears and smeared distress ink on cardstock I die cut and left blank for a future sentiment.
Side shot so you can see the middle of one wheel and the center image and the sentiment diecut all standout.
And last is one of the stamps I got a few weeks ago...just stamped it in TH forest moss? On a travel themed tag from Making Memories, I think, and tied the crinkled crinkle ribbon on, which matches better than the picture shows. I'm guessing it will get used someday for a bon voyage or enjoy the journey type card or gift.
That's all for this Wednesday. Hope you all are having a wonderful week and that your greenery is doing better than mine! My trees and bushes appear to be dying right before my eyes. Its freaky. I have never seen them do anything like this. I guess they are no happier with 115 degrees than I am. I am watering them like crazy though and it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference...any suggestions anyone?
Thanks for stopping by and stay cool!