Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Drifts!

Took a few more snow pictures, once the wind stopped blowing so much...
These snow drifts in front of my home peak at around 2.5 ft high...but they aren't the highest around!

The scene when I open my back door...just have a screen to let the fresh air in so the snow came in too!
Weenie Dawg looks at this and heads for the hills...and I'm not making him go out because...
 This is what awaits him at the bottom of the stairs and it's deeper than he is tall so I just can't make him do it.
Maybe I should try to throw him out past the drifts? But then he wouldn't be able to get back in! We're eager to dive into these drifts but with the wind chill it's still -4...and that's just too stinking cold!


  1. Throw him???? Why didn't I think of that with our little dogs...Great Idea! LOL!
    Our little dogs hate the snow and the cold to, it takes a lot of convincing to make them go potty in weather like this. stay warm!

  2. Have you considered weenie dog tunnels in the snow?


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