Monday, February 28, 2011

Lookee at my lunch!

I've been craving some nice big salads lately and so, if you will pardon the lack of fine china, I took a picture of my lunch today because, well, other than the plumbing issues in my sons bathroom there just isn't too much else happening today...but it is pretty early in the day so we shall see, huh? ;)

I said it was a big salad, I didn't say it was a healthy one! hahaha But I think it's good for me; romaine and baby spinach make the base, then comes what I should probably do without but won't: buttermilk ranch, then grated cheeses, cheesy garlic croutons and finally the protein...oven roasted deli chicken cut on a 9 and then diced up at home and tossed carefully on top...Weenie Dawg prefers I toss carelessly so he gets what falls on the floor but it doesn't usually work out as he prefers. But I will eat almost half this salad now and then in a few hours I will finish it up, after adding some more chicken for the protein, and still be full for several more it's off to eat now! Hope everyone is having a more wonderful than surprising Monday, unless you like surprises... :)


  1. Oooooh yummy! I'm gonna go make me one now too, except with bleu cheese (I know you hate bleu cheese).

  2. That looks so good and refreshing! I'll be eating a lot more salads when spring and summer are here...I hope to put in my garden this year... have a nice week!


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