Thursday, December 27, 2012

WOYWW #186 A bit late...

Well, I just completely lost track of time this last week and the stores being closed on Tuesday made me feel like it was Sunday so Wednesday felt like Monday which means today should still only be Tuesday! Hey. That means I'm actually early for WOYWW! In "Deeyll" time. ;) What's WOYWW? Ask dear Julia, here!
So anyways I've been working on a super fun project, though it's not turning out as smashingly as the one I was inspired by, here. See how clever I'm being this week? I remembered who inspired me! Actually I just still have her blog opened up on another tab, otherwise I would be telling y'all someone inspired me but not remembering who! lol I don't know that lady personally but WOW am I impressed with her stuff! Next I want to make a carousel, but first I tried the wagon thingy...which is not finished but here's what I've got so far:
The whole thing is up on ribbon spools right now and until I get the stairs put in, they seem to help support its weight, but this is the main display side. Next is the end, where I will put the little set of stairs once I get them finished...
What do you guys think of the fence? It's metal and rusty looking, which is kinda great, but I'm wondering if I should do a shabby white paint job on it? Well, here is a close-up of the "entry" end...
And here is a close-up of the display side, oh I think I wanted you guys to be able to see the mini trellis like thing I wrapped around the front door with its tulle and flower vine ribbon on it...or just the details? IDK
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to this week and have a fabulous weekend! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOYWW #185

Not much to see this week...I tidied! Julia inspired me and if you don't know what I'm talking about go check her out over at Stamping Ground. :)
 Yes, that's fairly tidy for me. ;) Next is a card I'm still working on...
Next are a few pictures of a card I finished this last week...
I just adore the open shirt, lacy look...totally copied from somewhere else on the web...I suspect LilyBean's Paperie since I haven't been able to see enough of her stuff lately(she does the sweetest shabby stuff!)...but then again, maybe it was Gabrielle from Such a Pretty Mess...her stuff is just gorgeous! I have her linked on my sidebar in the blogs I love or whatever I've called it section. :)

It says, I *heart* U. :)
Next one was just fun and I don't think I copied it...

This is the other thing I did this last week...used my distress stains to dye these little trios of roses...sweet, huh? I got them at Hobby Lobby in the trim section, where you have to pay by the yard, and then just cut several rows up and dyed them.
I hope you all have a lovely spectacular and fantabulously crafty week! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WOYWW #184

So, what have I been up to this week? Well, for those who are here since it's Wednesday, thanks to the fabulous Julia at Stamping Ground, you'll be wanting to see the workspace, huh?
I've made a right old mess, eh? I've also been watching Shakespeare soooo...a bad English accent is running the commentary in my head right now. :) But here is the project I've been working on, the one I alluded to last week and for which most of the mess can be blamed upon...
It's not finished, exactly, yet. But I think its close. I love the colors and shabbiness but its actually not a style I feel that I am able to do very well at...what do you all think of it? Can you tell me what it's missing?
Anyways, here is another card I made this week...The 5 pennants part is copied from a design I saw elsewhere but the rest is pretty much all me. Except of course that putting doilies on cards wasn't my idea originally, either...well, I still *actually* made it so that counts for something, right? :)
It's really pretty cheerful, huh? Well, I hope your week is as bright and cheery as this card and as yummy as the chocolate cake I had last week. And this week. ;)

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Crimson Wing

I am highly recommending this Disney Nature film, available on Netflix and other places I'm sure, but with some will cry! :) I watched it because I am already head-over-heels in love with the soundtrack and wanted to see what went along with it, or what had inspired it...maybe? Here is a link to a preview of the music. So, I watched it late last night, okay it was very very early this morning, and anyways maybe I was tired or just feeling emotional but I thought the movie was incredibly moving, inspirational and extraordinarily beautiful...the cinematography is just stunning! Since its about nature it, of course, has its parts where I just refused to watch, but the rest of it was so inspiring and made me think of a whole lot more than birds, oh yeah I didn't mention that...its about flamingo's, which sounds boring but its absolutely riveting. Or I'm easily entertained. Which we all know is true, but still! It was really beautiful and I hope if you get a chance to watch it you will. And watch it all the way through, even if you have to cover your eyes at points, like I did. ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WOYWW # 183

Hey, its another Wednesday and, thanks to Julia, its time to see what's up here...not much, really. I just took an exam for which I studied so I carried the text book everywhere for the last 48 hours! Only to get in there and find out, whoops...I studied the wrong 3 chapters! Well, to give myself a little credit I did study 2 of the right chapters, just missed 1 chapter for a loss of 16 points, make that 26 because apparently math is not my forte today, either, and yah I didn't catch that error until after hitting publish so this is an edit. Yah, such a bummer. Anyways, I came right home, well after I bought a mini chocolate bundt cake to celebrate my idiocy, and, after having a piece of cake, got right to my craft room to start a project I'm excited about...but its not done so the only pic I have is of my desk. :) That's all you came to see anyways, huh? ;)
See those fab punches? I got them awhile back at Hobby Lobby and they are super and well, otherwise its just a general disaster because I did make two cards but failed to photo them for this...and they are man cards too! Ugh. Well, some days are just not *your* day are they? Well, I'm off to craft now and forget about the stupid silly things I do. Hope you lovely blog readers are having a better day/week than I am! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOYWW # 182 and necklaces!

Yes, it's that time again! Time to show off our workspaces, be they messy or neat, any way is a treat. ;) And a big thank you goes to Julia over at Stamping Ground for hostessing this blog party/hop. ;) I had to set up my fancy homemade lightbox tonight...and I still don't think the pictures of my necklaces are as good as they look in real life, y'all will just have to use your imaginations, huh?
Yah, this is the only way to make necklaces in this craft room...and yes, it does involve setting up another working surface...making a total of 3 in here! So how does that look? Well, um, crowded...
Absolutely no paper crafting happening right now. But it's temporary...I can only do jewelry for so long! Consider this, after two days of working fairly steadily I've only made 3 necklaces. 3!
The top two were in my craft room and the next one is in the lightbox...any difference? Any preference?

The next two are in the craft room, no lightbox ones because they sucked didn't turn out well.

The next two are in the lightbox because the craft rooms ones turned out, well, you know...

And the solo bow I made this's a little bit lonely. And a little bit country. ;)
Hope you all enjoyed the peek and have a super super super fab week! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WOYWW #181

Hmm, this week I haven't done much, but I did get a personal paying, yes paying! request for some hair bows. Lets see how they photo'd...but first I'll give you the link to why on earth I would be doing such a thing or showing you what you are about to see...blame it all on a dear lady named Julia! :)
First is the bow, of which I had to make two, one for the requester and one to match for her friend...then her bonus bow:
It's really fab in real life, but I had to take the photo rather quickly as she was waiting to abscond with it! And here is the grand finale...
What a disaster, right? lol Hey, I did figure out I can use my spellbinder dies to cut fabric, as well. And just generally got everything out and made a big mess. :) I mostly made the mess playing with my stamping gear and then getting too tired to clean up after myself...maybe tomorrow? Take care lovely blog visitors! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WOYWW #180

Super exciting and rare pics this week! ;) Why? Cause the fabulous Julia Dunnit from Stamping Ground enables us, um crafters, to peek at others spaces and share the glory disaster that is our is mine:
What is this?! Its the view of my craft cave from the doorway and how the room is set up when I'm sitting/working at the jewelry/bow station. Next is the actual jewelry desk:
And then here is a close-up of what I was working on just last night(the first time I've been in this room since last week's WOYWW pics):
I got a bunch of cabochons of ebay and some fittings and other metal pieces and got to making stuff last picture is the shelf to my right when I'm sitting at my jewelry desk, it has my beads and bow making stuff all organized on it. Yes, those are feathers. I like feathers in my hairbows. ;)
Now this is how my craft room looks when I'm using the paper side(mostly it just means the black 4 drawer cart gets rolled back over slightly in front of the jewelry desk):
Yes, that's all paper. If there was a Paperholics Anonymous group locally I would probably have to join it. Or if there was one in the next town over...they also have a Micheal's and JoAnns, we don't have either of those, and a bigger Hobby Lobby than ours so, yah, I would totally go to meetings after I finished my shopping. Totally. ;)
Last shot is my paper desk this week...looks a lot like last week, huh? Yah, that's because of the two proctored exams I had last week and the major project worth 20% of my grade, which all meant I didn't hardly get squat for crafting, I am *not* an English major. :)
I have gotten some crocheting done...I found a super adorable owl granny square from Repeat Crafter Me. So stinking adorable! I really wish I was much better at this whole crocheting far the first granny square I made turned out, um, as a granny star? I think I've invented it. Because its certainly not a square! lol Once I get *one* finished I'll show you. You'll laugh. I promise! :) 
Take care y'all and enjoy your visits.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOYWW #179

Well, I'm not making it in very quick here today, now am I? Into what, you wonder? What's on your workdesk? Wednesday...well, this:
See my fancy stamp cleaner there in the middle? Yes, it is a regular sponge upside down in a lid. And it works fab! Its not one of the super smooth ones so it gets in all the grooves of the stamps. :)
And this:
Card making mess maker I was! Here's some of the fruits of my labor...
Remember this one from last week or so? I added some glitter and leaves I made...
Looking forward to giving this little card to a lady who makes scrumptious pumpkin's almost time!
Kinda simple, and its not very big actually, but it does have glitter! :)
Used the base I cut the above card out of to make this next one...
This one has dimension...and sparkle...
I had a purpose in cutting these strips this card was a bonus, made from scraps really.
Here was the purpose...I used the leaf shapes from the punch to make some embellishments. I covered them with crackle stuff by Inkessentials or Ranger, you know like Glossy accents but the crackle stuff?
Anyways, after letting them dry, I smooshed them in brown pigment ink so it got in all the little cracks and on the edges. See how cool they are? And they are tiny and perfect for all my fall cards! Woohoo!
 Yes, it takes very little to excite is your bonus shot:
Got some new stamps in the mail and a retired Bigz die for making petals and fringe. Thanks for popping in and I hope you all enjoy the rest of WOYWW. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW #178 (a.k.a. #177...again!)

I'm thinking our dear Julia was up at 1:30 a.m. writing *her* WOYWW post! If you've not a clue what I'm rambling on about go check it out at Stamping Ground. :) You'll be so glad you did! Anyways, I'm totally exhausted so, before I get to bed with me, here are my pictures for the lovelies who like to come see:
What's this? A clean desk? How could I? Well, it's because I re-organized! I had commented on someone else's WOYWW post, last week, that maybe her organization wasn't working for her, since she seemed to have plenty of containers but more than enough mess, too. Which made me wonder if I wasn't in a boat of the same color myself. Or hoeing the same row? Well, insert a colloquial saying of your choice here. :) At any rate, it made me re-examine my sitch because it had deteriorated to this:
I had all sorts of new supplies and things I like to use more than the stuff I used most when I set this set-up up awhile back, so it was time to re-do it. I *almost* took a picture for y'all during the transition, when it was really hairy, but I was too excited to get it finished...sorry. :) Anyways, isn't it much tidier? Yes, most of the darling pails are gone, but I don't use the sharpies much(which filled 3 of the pails before) so they got relocated to the cabinet above my desk so if I *need* them they are still handy(though a few are still on the desktop). The scissors are all in one pail now because I don't use them often and I needed their holders for the MS punches that I do use quite a bit, but there they are, see? Right above the upside down stamp pads? Those are my pigment inks from Hobby Lobby. And I love them. They are affordable($1.50 each) and rich in color and well, they stack nicely and seem to last forever! Also, they have a really decent sized raised pad so I can use them for big stamps and edge inking.
And all my new toys and things it seems I've been reaching for most frequently are now at my fingertips! Instead of in my way. :) Wanna know how I got my TH inks off my desk without spending a dime???
I repurposed an old, and I mean ooooold, C.D. rack! Two inks fit in each slot, horizontally, then I skipped one vertically and so on until I just filled it in all the way to the top (or bottom). Granted I ran short for those last 9 or so pads you see on the right but they are mostly neutrals so I figured they could hang out, stacked on the new "shelf" until I either found another old C.D. rack in a thrift shop or decided I liked them there, whichever comes first! Anyways, it had slots along the back for screws so I just screwed it onto my pegboard, through a hole I mean. Cheap and it works great!!! Plus, I turned all my papers, like the 8x8's that were stacked on my desk, on their sides to make them easier to access...I'm hoping I use what I have more!
And, since it would appear the Doctor's instruments are trayed up, all sterilized and ready(I really did have to use my goo gone stuff to wipe down all my scissors from foam tape gunk) to be used, I guess I'll have to have a completed card ready to show off next week, huh? Along with a new mess, of course! :)
Thanks for stopping by and sorry if this post turned out to be rather a long one for someone who is not just supposedly but truly exhausted...where was I going with that? Oh yah, goodnight! And enjoy your snoops, whilst I enjoy my Zzzzzz's. ;)