Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW #178 (a.k.a. #177...again!)

I'm thinking our dear Julia was up at 1:30 a.m. writing *her* WOYWW post! If you've not a clue what I'm rambling on about go check it out at Stamping Ground. :) You'll be so glad you did! Anyways, I'm totally exhausted so, before I get to bed with me, here are my pictures for the lovelies who like to come see:
What's this? A clean desk? How could I? Well, it's because I re-organized! I had commented on someone else's WOYWW post, last week, that maybe her organization wasn't working for her, since she seemed to have plenty of containers but more than enough mess, too. Which made me wonder if I wasn't in a boat of the same color myself. Or hoeing the same row? Well, insert a colloquial saying of your choice here. :) At any rate, it made me re-examine my sitch because it had deteriorated to this:
I had all sorts of new supplies and things I like to use more than the stuff I used most when I set this set-up up awhile back, so it was time to re-do it. I *almost* took a picture for y'all during the transition, when it was really hairy, but I was too excited to get it finished...sorry. :) Anyways, isn't it much tidier? Yes, most of the darling pails are gone, but I don't use the sharpies much(which filled 3 of the pails before) so they got relocated to the cabinet above my desk so if I *need* them they are still handy(though a few are still on the desktop). The scissors are all in one pail now because I don't use them often and I needed their holders for the MS punches that I do use quite a bit, but there they are, see? Right above the upside down stamp pads? Those are my pigment inks from Hobby Lobby. And I love them. They are affordable($1.50 each) and rich in color and well, they stack nicely and seem to last forever! Also, they have a really decent sized raised pad so I can use them for big stamps and edge inking.
And all my new toys and things it seems I've been reaching for most frequently are now at my fingertips! Instead of in my way. :) Wanna know how I got my TH inks off my desk without spending a dime???
I repurposed an old, and I mean ooooold, C.D. rack! Two inks fit in each slot, horizontally, then I skipped one vertically and so on until I just filled it in all the way to the top (or bottom). Granted I ran short for those last 9 or so pads you see on the right but they are mostly neutrals so I figured they could hang out, stacked on the new "shelf" until I either found another old C.D. rack in a thrift shop or decided I liked them there, whichever comes first! Anyways, it had slots along the back for screws so I just screwed it onto my pegboard, through a hole I mean. Cheap and it works great!!! Plus, I turned all my papers, like the 8x8's that were stacked on my desk, on their sides to make them easier to access...I'm hoping I use what I have more!
And, since it would appear the Doctor's instruments are trayed up, all sterilized and ready(I really did have to use my goo gone stuff to wipe down all my scissors from foam tape gunk) to be used, I guess I'll have to have a completed card ready to show off next week, huh? Along with a new mess, of course! :)
Thanks for stopping by and sorry if this post turned out to be rather a long one for someone who is not just supposedly but truly exhausted...where was I going with that? Oh yah, goodnight! And enjoy your snoops, whilst I enjoy my Zzzzzz's. ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW #177

Hello blogland! Welcome to my newest followers...and for those who have no idea why I would show what I'm about to show, I have directions for you: Go see Julia over at the Stamping Ground and she will explain all. :) So, short and snappy, here we go...
Nice mess, huh? ;) Here is the card created, so at least something good came of it...
Well, I think it's a good card! lol Make sure you click on it so it'll get bigger and you can see all the fabulous glittering this puppy does. And, for those who noticed last week that I got one of those Inkadinkadoo stamp gear things, you may also like to know this card was made using it! The leaf pattern is a little trippy, eh? lol
Bonus: second mess, same day! And another card completed...
This time it's the one I was working on last week, with my new Fall Sizzex embossing folder, remember?
I may still ink the edges of the card base, but it is a nice clean creamy color so I may leave it be. Anyways, I better scoot off and get this posted before midnight strikes and I've missed WOYWW!
Take care and I look forward to reading your comments and visiting your desks. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WOYWW #176

Hey, lookit me! Getting back in on the WOYWW action, finally! Thanks Julia for hostessing. Not much happening on my workspace, though...but here are the pics:
General mayhem, huh? Yah. I've no real excuse, I just haven't felt like I've had time to get any crafting done, ya know? I'm still not unpacked from our recent trip, for one thing. And schoolwork has been piling up. But I did get this far on a card:
This is one of my new Sizzix embossing folders and I'm looking forward to making some Thanksgiving cards with it. I plan to embellish it some more and get some real color onto the leaves, then use it as the focal piece on a card front. Anyways, thanks for the read and any comments...hope everyone has a lovely week. :)