Sunday, March 4, 2012


Another week just flew by! But we did have to recover from last week and all...this next week I start a class called Capstone. It's a class to test the accumulation of knowledge I should have acquired over the previous years in order to obtain my Bachelor's degree. And I have to pass it in order to get my Bachelor's. So that's not much pressure right? : )
But last weekend went really well. Our band had a great deal of fun, as did our dance attendee's. Our silent auction fundraiser did quite well, too, bringing in a bit over a $1000! I had several necklaces, hairbows/pins and card sets, as well as one 3 piece apothecary jar set, a shabby chic doll cradle with handmade blanket and pillow, plus a paper rosettes 3-D picture that all sold. Yeah! It was neat to see my stuff be wanted by people who didn't even know I made it, ya know?
On Sunday we kept the fun rolling, literally, by going bowling with our out-of-town guests. It turns out our local alley is very affordable on Sundays so we are hoping to make it a Church activity sometime.
Monday I went to another town with my sister's mother-in-law and spent the day shopping, I mean working out via walking all day. ; )
Tuesday my son and I went over to her house to assemble what she bought on Monday.
I can't remember Wednesday at all! But I did get a call on Wednesday and agreed to have a Craft Party on Friday so...I must have been awake at some point that day, huh?
Thursday I had a big paper due that I finally got done and then a house to clean in preparation for the Craft Party on Friday...
Friday we had a lovely, but shortish, Craft Party with the theme being Scrapbooking...which would seem to be right up my alley but I actually have never made a single scrapbook one! I'm a card maker. So I showed a few ladies who didn't have Scrapbooks to work on how to make some simple cards, which they seemed to enjoy making. 
I just read over that and it doesn't sound like much but I also had other schoolwork, my son's homeschooling, and more household stuff to do, plus I made a bunch of cards from some paper I got in a few weeks ago. This paper is the sweetest! It's by Prima Marketing and its called Romantique. I really heart it!
I'll try to get some pictures taken this week, which hopefully goes by a little slower, and put up so you can see a little evidence of my labors...
Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a wonderful week!

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  1. You're funny! It's neat taking a peek into your life through your blog. :)


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