Friday, March 30, 2012

Soooo busy, right?

It's turning out to be an incredibly busy time of year for us here! Whole weeks are just flying by and so often I just don't know where the time has gone. I totally missed WOYWW this week, mostly because I ran away! I have a dear lovely friend, the kind who knows you really well and loves you anyways, I just had to go see for a quick, super quick, visit. I didn't go online for a full 3 days! :-) And the weather has been so beautiful...I've been outside a bit, just letting the wind kiss me. I'd let the sun, but its burnt me before! I forgive quickly, but trusting again doesn't come so easily. Life can be like that, as well, huh? We get hurt and we heal, but we aren't in any big hurry to get hurt again, at least I'm not. But the time will come again, and I'll be ready to take the risk and, like it or not, I'll probably get hurt again. We all do. It always happens, because we're all human. No person is perfect, right? But I'm starting to see something...every person is worth the risk. We all need to be loved and even sometimes just being liked is enough. Sometimes we need to be needed and sometimes we just need to be wanted, but always, all the time, we are all worth taking the risk of getting to know.
I've also decided it is definitely sadder for a person to not be missed when they die than for them to be missed. I hope everyone has someone who will miss them when they aren't there anymore.
And thank you, dear Jennifer, for missing me while I wasn't here this last are a super sweetie pie! :-)
Hope you are all having a wonderful everything!


  1. Good heartfelt posting! Perfect image for just the right moments...xo

    -pamela ;)

  2. Let's drink to this! :-) I think forgiving is important. As is taking the chance to trust again. Just think of the person on the other end as well. We all make mistakes and hurt people (as well as being hurt), and what a tragedy it would be if we were all just cut off so quickly b/c of a mistake! No one would have anyone, and then everyone would be sad.

    Love you Deeyll!!

  3. Hey Anna, love you too! Trusting comes much harder to me than forgiveness...which may seem contrary, but really it's not. I can forgive all kinds of stuff, or rather God moves me to and has shown me it's the best thing for us all and I believe Him, but letting people hurt you again, I mean trusting people again...not so easy! But it, too, must be done, eventually, anyways! :) It's just harder than forgiving, to me. But I don't think you have to cut people off just because you are struggling to trust them. They should just understand it will take time to build the trust back up again. Well, that's what I would expect if I were to betray someone's trust or otherwise somehow cause them to lose trust in me...I would think they would need time and proof to be able to trust me again. But forgiveness? That should be instant, imho, and if they are struggling to forgive you, well then that's really more their problem than yours. (Assuming you have sincerely apologized and made efforts to show genuine regret and a sincere desire to make it up to them.) Sounds like I'm a quick forgiver but a slow forgetter, huh? Well, wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove...hopefully! :)


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