Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Real Steel

Just finished watching this movie, Real Steel, and it was awesome! I'm not huge on boxing movies but this one has quite the twist since the "boxers" are robots. It was a pretty good movie to watch with my 13 yr old son, too, as we disregarded the 11 yr old main characters use of foul language! Thankfully there is not very much of that at all, but there is a lot of heart and action in this movie. But just a heads up on the language factor, otherwise super fantastic movie. I just love movies with action and heart, ya know?

We also enjoyed a shopping trip together to Hobby Lobby, earlier, where my son picked up some sort of helicopter model to build. He promptly tore open the box when we got home, so I know he's excited about it and I'm excited for him. I just hope he puts it together before he gets bored with it or accidentally leaves the cap off the glue and I sit in it! Not like that would EVER happen...I, of course, moseyed (and that is literally the dictionary way, I heart u google, to spell mosey after you have done it, you know past tense like) through the crafting section...where they finally had some new Sizzix stuff in, yah! Speaking of Sizzix, I still have a free embossing folder set with a chandelier and a Thank You if anyone has an embossing machine they will work in and wants them. Just e-mail me your info and I'll drop it in the mail to you. If I get more than one response, highly unlikely, then I will do eenie meenie miny mo for it! Which means we are ALL winners! ;)

I have to run off to the craft cave now to play with my new toys, I mean tools, and hopefully I'll have some pictures sometime this week for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time, have a wonderful whatever you are having! : )


  1. I totally agree! Sam wanted to see "real steel" and I wasn't all that excited (unless it's Rocky, there's no chance!) but it turned out to be GREAT! Of course, maybe that's because my expectations were so low. lol. btw, just found your blog--it's great!

  2. Hey Sarah, good to "see" you! I'm glad you found me online, and it's so sweet of you to say my blog is great. When you're famous I'm going to make sure everyone knows you said that once upon a time...heeheehee... ;)


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