Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crafting Cave?

Well, this is as neat as it probably ever will get! This is my craft room and while it's not huge, 7'x11', it is still a wonderful space that I love and am very thankful for...I didn't have any space like this in my last home so I really do appreciate it. Just wanted to share some photos of it so my dear friends can see where the "magic" happens...also this is where I go when they call and I need some's the physical version of a "chat" room, huh? ;)
I do my sewing projects on the right side of the room and my paper projects on the left side of the room. Yes, the walls are 3 different colors, with the middle color blended into the top and bottom color...I should get some close-ups of that because a dear lady helped me with that and we really loved how it turned out. Anyways, I have nice window I can hardly see out of because my paper organizer is parked in front of it, but I just peek around it and I can see who's coming or going up and down my street and what the kids are doing in the front yard.

This is a closer view of the sewing side as seen from the paper side. I scoot the machine to the edge of the table top, turn my ipod up and put the pedal to the metal...just kidding, but only on that last part! As you can see I have lots of material to work with, pun intended, stacked all the way to the ceiling, in fact. My beads and jewelry stuff is on the top of that little white cabinet near the right edge of the picture and then, over by the doorway(which you can't see but there isn't a door there anyways) there is more material, a huge bolt of some really great stuff I got mega cheap at a home redo store, with flowers thrown in where they fit because I also make some flower arrangements for some events and if I stick them in boxes I forget I have them! Here is another angle of the sewing side as seen from the entrance to the room...

Next come some shots of the paper side...

 Here is a closer view of the paper side of the room, though I have more material under the desk in the big 3 drawer bin you can see and the green topped bin is sitting on another 3 drawer organizer, with more material! in it and that rolls around, so I can get into the storage closet behind it. I tried to take a real close-up of the paper area so lets see if I can upload it...

I still need to paint the cabinet support but I don't mind the raw wood for now. It kinda brings an "organic" element into the space, huh? ;)
I'll close with a taller(?) view from the room entrance...
This way you can see more of my super pretty cherry floor. I rarely get to see this much of it, myself! If you love it leave a comment! Well, I guess you can leave one even if you don't love it...


  1. Wow! Now I really don't want you to come to my house for Thanksgiving! My craft room is a mess. I really like your room! I'm quite envious actually. Very pretty.
    You gave me some ideas!

  2. Thanks! My son said to tell you it looks much better in the pictures than it does in real life...I don't know how that's possible but there it is. The room gets much messier than this when I am actually in there doing anything. Anything at all! But thank you very much for your comment and I'm glad you think it's pretty and it gave you some ideas.

    Hey! Clean up YOUR room and let's see some pictures already! I bet its not as bad as you think. :)

  3. WOW!!! Awesome room Deeyll!! LOVE IT!
    ~Anna Guillaume (Ellis)

  4. Love Your Beautiful and Organized Craft Room...
    I Need You to Get Me Organized!
    Looks Great and you have everything at your fingertips...:D


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