Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday...and one new card. Plus a Gnome!

Yah, just one new card weekends are actually busier than my weekdays, as my two summer classes both have papers due, one on Saturday night and one on Sunday. Of course, I could do those papers during the week so I don't have to do them in a rush 3 hours before they are due, but what would be the fun in that? So, true to my procrastinating style, I have saved the bulk of the studying for my GRE, scheduled for 1:30 pm tomorrow, for today and tonight. And still I am procrastinating! :)
Here is the front of the card...I printed the template off from Tempting Templates (Stampington) and enlarged it on my scanner then just traced it onto my double-sided cardstock.
Inked the edges with TH, added a little necklace of pearls and a sash of glitter, embroidered the sleeves...this was my first time to embroider paper. I like the effect so I'll probably do it again...
Glittered the center of the pink flowers, and some brown dots, embroidered the bottom, messed up in the middle section by sticking my needle through in the wrong place so I "fixed" it by adding the little pink and pearl flower in the middle, which then needed the companionship of the two on the edges of the hem. :)
 Inside far shot...
 Inside near says A girl should be two things...Classy and Fabulous~Coco Chanel
This card was a lot of fun to make and I encourage you to go check out all the free templates available at the link I left you above. They have some super adorable ones there! :) Did I mention they're free?!
Here is the gnome...colored him in more sedate colors this time and made him older, with the whitish gray beard and all...used TH distress markers. His hat is the barndoor red and I'm honestly disappointed its not a brighter red. Anyone else have this experience or feeling? I'm planning to get the ink pad with the hopes that its brighter...but if you have it and its not would you mind leaving a comment and saying so? I would really appreciate it! :)
I also printed the gnome off a little home and colored it in the same colors I used on the little mushroom at the gnome's feet. I'm not sure its done yet but I thought I would include it today.
Eventually I will probably make a card with the gnome and his home. Someday. :) Right now, other than putting of studying I am eagerly awaiting a delivery of some new Prima stamps, ordered from I have found them to have excellent prices on a huge variety of stamps(I'm not sponsored by them) and if you go to this link you can see some of the sets I ordered, La Femme, Steam punk(so excited about this set!!!), Almanac collection mix 1 and mix 2, Meadow Lark collection mix 1 and mix 2. I already have the Fairy Belle and Printery collections and I really love working with them. I almost ordered the Londonerry(since I have the paper anyways) and Musicale stamps but had to show great, *great*, restraint and not order them. It was hard! lol
I also ordered two My Minds Eye stamp sets, see at this link, the Be Happy and the Be Amazing sets. I have 2 of the Lost and Found 2 Collection sets, Breeze~Dream and Rosy~Everything and love them, too. I am really excited about my new stamp sets and I just checked on their whereabouts(thank you shipping tracker!) I found out they are getting delivered today! Another excuse to put off studying! :)
Well, I've delayed until its lunchtime so now I can go eat instead of studying! woohoo
Have a lovely day all you dear people!
Wow, all those exclamation points make it seem like I'm really excited today...well, I am! :)
I'm really glad test day is almost here so I can get it over with already!
(And that my stamps will be here this afternoon. teeheehee)


  1. Your card is gorgeous, thanks for the link, x

    1. Thank you so much Kay! It was a lot of fun to make and I'm "tickled pink" by how it turned out...heeheehe. :)

  2. What a fantastic blog you have Queen Lightwell, thanks for the comment you left on May's Happy Days about my painting, Indeed I did read all the compliments, everyone is so nice. These are wonderful little makes you have here, coloured so perfectly. I've become your newest follower too, take care
    Michelle x

    1. Thank you very much Michelle! Here I am still procrastinating, this time on leaving for my GRE! When I get home I'll have to go see if you've a blog I can follow, huh? :)

  3. Absolutely love this little dress! The embroidery really puts it over the top. I think I'd want to make a dozen of these! Thank you for the link! Sandy Leigh


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