Friday, September 30, 2011

It is a war.

My son is all about the war and fighting talk and I, being a girl I guess, am always like, "Ugh. I can't stand all this talk of violence!" So don't you know when I get completely fed up and say something like that to him we always go to services and hear about, you guessed it, war! It never fails. In the future I hope I remember to remind myself to redirect his war talk in the righteous direction of fighting against the 3 S's. This is yet another area where the male balance is missing in our life...but thankfully God has provided for the fatherless with a Godly ministry! But this life is a war against selfishness, for one thing, and we must remember to persevere no matter how great the struggle is, no matter how comfy our beds are, and no matter how excellent raspberry cheesecake cookies taste. No, we must fight for the subjection of our minds and bodies to the will of a greater, much, much, much greater One. Just wanted to take a minute to encourage everyone to keep up the good fight in faith and hope and joy!
Much love,
You know who.

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