Monday, September 12, 2011

Love like crazy?

I'm not talking about loving like romantic people stuff, but more like just how we should all love, agape', each other, more like how God loves us. When I think about all the stuff God has loved me through His love just seems kinda, well, crazy. Not like God is foolish or insane or any of the other descriptions of crazy that are perceived to be negative. But that His love is exceedingly great, totally departing from the realm and ability or leanings of humans to love one another or in a way that we humans consider "normal", without moderation He loves us, enthusiastically, intensely, impractically; when it holds no advantage whatsoever to Him and He has nothing to gain and everything to lose, like the day He sent us our Savior and just like the day He accepted our Savior and a way was made for mankind to enter His Family and just the same as He loved us yesterday He loves us tomorrow. To an exceeding degree. Like crazy. I want to love like that, but people, well, we sure don't make it easy, do we? I don't think God is scared of losing the people He loves. I don't think He's scared they won't love Him back or for that matter even like Him or pay Him any attention at all. Maybe loving people is something worth doing not because of what you can get from it, what you think you have to give to others by loving them or what you could lose but rather because of what you become by doing it. A giver. Kinda like the greatest Giver of all. Well, in that case, call me would be an honor. But one I will just have to strive to be worthy of. I hope every one of you dear readers has someone to love like crazy, whether its a parent or complete stranger or a relative, and lets not put God last, a spouse or child or brother or sister, I hope you all learn to love like crazy, if you don't already know how, cause you might... :)

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