Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crafting Party! And another new leak...

So the good news is that I had some sweet ladies over today for a Crafting Party and we had some yummy munchies and creative activities! But before they even arrived I had found another new leak! So I had my son running in and out, turning the water on and off, for the afternoon...then my dear brother came and found the cracked "no freeze" pipe. No freeze pipe. I guess its not "no heat expansion and crack" pipe, though. But at least now it has been found and it will no longer be ruining the floor of my bathroom. And on that front I am in for a full remodel! But I love my bathroom... :( Well, I'm sure I'll love my new bathroom too, whenever we get to put it in, that is. Being a full-time student my funds tend to be cyclical in nature so...but anyways back to the fun stuff! I actually remembered to take a few pictures today! But I don't think I got any pictures of the other ladies completed crafts...boo on me, right? Heehee...well here are the ones I got: First up are a few of the 8 personalized invitations...

 Here is the first lady ready to get crafty! And what do y'all think of my redecorated living room, or what you can see of it, anyways? The loveseat is normally all covered so you can't see the hideous floral pattern underneath...and the furniture is all re-arranged for the party too.

 Actually see that pink flower barrette in the back of the hair of the girl walking away? That was one of her and her mothers creations from this afternoon! This next picture was homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and it was good. Sooooo good! And the dear lady on the right in the picture above made it. She crocheted some covers for hangers and another lady used the same color of yarn to "sew" them onto hangers. I received one as a nice thank you gift!
 Here are my craft projects from the afternoon:

 I used an assortment of materials some purchased, like the Prima Flower centers, but some like the tulle were cut and gathered by hand. The first flower has a silk ribbon ruffle that I stitched up on my sewing machine. All flowers were hot-glued to pins that also have gator clips for flexibility in wearing options, which is almost fancy talk for saying they can be worn in your hair as a clip or on your clothing as a pin or clip. It was so much fun we are hoping to be able to get together at least once a month! Hey, why don't you go get YOUR craft on! :)

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