Thursday, August 11, 2011

So I've heard...

So I've heard that when it rains it pours, I also heard when it pours its rain...thankfully only a few shingles were torn up from another storm we had the night before last and I was able to get my dear brother to come over and hammer them back down, which if it didn't involve climbing on top of my roof I could totally do myself, right? ;) But then last night before I went to bed I heard a funny sound in the vent in my bathroom...sounded like water squirting onto metal...and guess what? That's just what we found when we, and by we I mean my son, crawled under the house today to investigate. Yes, we have another new leak! It seems the people who owned my home before us weren't well, to put it kindly and mildly, let's just say they weren't too handy with the tools. But, in their defense, pipes are under a lot of variable pressure and, much like people I guess, they can just break loose at times and stuff from the inside goes shooting everywhere. In my homes case it's water, but in my personal case it tends to be built up frustrations, like the dirty clothes all over my son's bedroom floor. I can only stand it for so long, ya know? Anyone else have any building frustrations they would care to share before an explosion happens? Just leaving the forum open here for ya...just in case you need it. ;) Hope y'all have a good one! And my brother is coming over, yet again, to fix my newest little's hoping it's the last leak for a long, long, long time! :)

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