Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keep calm...

So last night we had to stay, or rather I should say we were able to stay, at my mom's for the night. A severe storm blew through the area and though it mostly stayed south of where I live it blew down enough power lines that my city and several of the surrounding towns were without power for the evening, overnight and into the day a bit as well. So after a few hours of toughing it out at my house, with no A.C. or T.V.(two of the most important abbreviations in the English language, right?) we beat a hasty retreat to my mom's, since she lives in a little town that was blessedly unaffected by the widespread power outage. But around midnight or so consideration for the fact that we could be days without electricity and concern for the fresher, more perishable, foods in my refrigerator prompted me to get the bright idea to buy a few bags of ice and put them in my fridge, like they used to do it in the good old days, y'know? So I stopped at a gas station swamped with refugees from my powerless city and purchased a few bags of ice, to go. And now we finally get to the point of this post...Well, whatta ya know! I can make a short story long. :) Anyways, the silence I noticed while driving into my storm darkened but moonlit city was downright eerie. I could see little beyond my headlights and the thought that there were other people out there who could be looking right back at me and I wouldn't even know it...creepy. Really. And I am not the type to see a scary movie and then have nightmares. But the silence and the darkness just felt unreal, like they were a bad dream. It made me think of the harder times that are coming and how we will face them. It will take incredible faith, faith last nights simple power outage made me doubt I have. I mean is it really faith if you have this sneaky looming fear of the unknown? That just smacks you upside the head when you least expect it...If the power goes out and you almost immediately get ravenously hungry thinking you may not have a hot meal for who knows how long? Faith, relaxed faith...well, I guess I can just say I am thankful for last nights power outage as God showed me in the darkness that there is still plenty of room for the growth of His light in my life. Not sure that makes much sense but there it is. Have a good one y'all!


  1. I was kind of thinking the same thing as Dave and I stood in our protected house as all around us the sky and wind let loose this amazing display of power. To know that just a few inches of wall or glass or door stood between us and what we were witnessing, was humbling. God's power is awesome and scary at the same time.

  2. Your comment made me think about how humbling it is to realize how fragile our lives are. When you think about how little it would take to kill a person versus how much it takes to keep a person alive...well,it really makes me appreciate more all that God does in preserving our lives and protecting us from our enemies. Glad to hear you guys were safe and sound together! :)


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