Sunday, October 24, 2010

A day in the life of Weenie Dawg

At the crack of dawn, also know as noonish...
Well, he still hasn't rolled out of bed yet but he's least he has me out of bed by this time!
 First things first, here he waits patiently to be let out the backdoor so he can, uh hmm, attend to business.
What's next? More excitement, of course...
 He has to make sure his favorite food is still being stocked locally. Not that he can access it, but he likes to look anyways! I feel the same way about pizza at midnight. All that activity wears a dog out, you know...
 So it's time for a nap. But with an owner like me you can guess what's coming next...
A rude awakening! He doesn't mind much, though, and has lots more napping spots. He naps his way through the day and when it's evening time he keeps an eye on things from his window bed. Spoiled? I know.
He can see all the comings and goings of our neighborhood from this window. He keeps a real close eye on things until it's time for us both to go to bed, again.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha HA!!!! Love it! I demand more Weenie dawg updates! Too cute!xoxoxoxoxo


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