Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday #150

Hello lovely bloggers and browsers! Here are a few pictures of my work(craft) desk this Wednesday, I should say they are from very early in the day...2:00 a.m. early! If I hadn't taken them then I probably wouldn't have gotten around to it today, it's shaping up to be pretty busy already. Here is my desk:
 Here is one of the cards I made, with the mess from above...
Honestly the gray in the swirl on the paper matches my added embellishments much better than the picture shows. When I have time I'm going to finally use that light box I made and take some good pictures! :-)
Next is a close-up of the left side of my paper desk. I thought you might enjoy seeing the details a little closer. I have one of those metal shelves that stands on your desk there, so that when I'm using my Big Shot the stuff can shoot out the back of the Big Shot and not run into anything, hence the left side under that shelf is only stacked with stuff a few inches tall. On the right side under that shelf you can see my short stack of big dies. On the back ledge of my Big Shot is a pretty container holding my thinner dies. It just gets moved around and dug through quite often so it doesn't have its own home. So sad. ;-) On the metal shelf is a white bin holding some 3-d embellishments, then you can see a super fabulous roll of greenish toile ribbon peeking out and before we reach the yellow bins there is a little 3 drawer organizer holding my $.97 alphabet sets, hole punchers and perfect pearls, and a few pairs of extra scissors and cutting tools.
 Proceeding in a rightwards directions we have my 4.5x6.5 paper stacks lined up with pens and a few glimmer mists style spritzers on top. Its still pretty easy to get the paper without disrupting the pens, especially when I put the prismacolor watercolor pencils in their case back under the pens! Meh. The yellow bins are on a rail so they float above everything that sits directly on my desktop, making it easier to get that stuff without having to move a whole pile to get to the stuff on the bottom like...see? :-)
The yellow bins hold, from left to right, liquid adhesives, small/edge embossing folders, small clear stamps, wooden stamps, wooden stamps, tape style adhesives, glitter glues and super handy Glossy Accents, and the last bin has glitter nail polish from the $Dollar Tree and a few random tubes of glitter glue. Underneath the yellow bins is a pull-out box with my 6x6 pads and then my ink pads from Hobby Lobby stacked neatly (I use them like this, does anyone else?) and them my 8x8 paper stacks are actually stacked. I should turn them on their side but I don't think there is 8" under there so they have to stay stacked. 
Here is the other card I made earlier this week, for my mom. She and her husband just purchased their first brick and mortar home ever. I embossed the cardstock with a swiss dots folder and then swiped my ink pad over them to make them pop out. A line of ribbon on the end where the folder didn't reach for embossing covers it and looks nice, right? :) Then a felt house sticker from a pack and wah-la!
I was going to put "congratulations" on the front but my dear mom likes to display my cards for like ever and I thought that would really date the card so I just left it with the house.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed a peek at my desk and projects so far this is a sneak peak at my major project this week...
Yes, I have a really big research paper due! Hope you all have a lovely week and that I get to see some of your desks, too...see the amazing Julia if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about. :-)


  1. Your space is very do you find anything? I love the card you made for your mom...I am a big fan of swiss dots, don't they just make anything so sweet? Happy WOYWW #122

  2. Wow, what a great work area you have, so many goodies to play with!


  3. Very tidy and organised workspace. Love your cards - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  4. Fab crafty space and lovely cards. Oh my that pile of books, hope your research goes well. Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop! Zo xx 17

  5. love that you have a place for everything,nice and organised,good luck with the studying
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #51

  6. Great space for crafting! Love the card you made for you Mom.

  7. Nice and Tidy space....and I agree Peg boards are awesome.....mine holds all kinds of weird things...mostly things I just bought and "haven't gotten around to" using

    Cindy ♥

  8. great looking workspace and it is so neat! Good luck with the studying! Vickie #32

  9. Both of your cards are lovely! Good luck with your paper and thanks for the peek at your desk! Linda #99

  10. I dont think there's a single word that describes your room - 'organised' doesnt really do it justice...a particular gap in the stash for the Big Shot to run out to...rather than turning it the other way....the yellow bins..I bet you can tell me without looking what's in them from left to right. Powerfully impressive...and it looks SO good, it must be a pleasure to work in. You've still got a paper problem though!!

  11. lots going on there, thanks for sharing

    Lisa #112

  12. Yikes! That pile of books is bigger than me! Happy Belated WOYWW #45


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