Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOYWW #179

Well, I'm not making it in very quick here today, now am I? Into what, you wonder? What's on your workdesk? Wednesday...well, this:
See my fancy stamp cleaner there in the middle? Yes, it is a regular sponge upside down in a lid. And it works fab! Its not one of the super smooth ones so it gets in all the grooves of the stamps. :)
And this:
Card making mess maker I was! Here's some of the fruits of my labor...
Remember this one from last week or so? I added some glitter and leaves I made...
Looking forward to giving this little card to a lady who makes scrumptious pumpkin's almost time!
Kinda simple, and its not very big actually, but it does have glitter! :)
Used the base I cut the above card out of to make this next one...
This one has dimension...and sparkle...
I had a purpose in cutting these strips this card was a bonus, made from scraps really.
Here was the purpose...I used the leaf shapes from the punch to make some embellishments. I covered them with crackle stuff by Inkessentials or Ranger, you know like Glossy accents but the crackle stuff?
Anyways, after letting them dry, I smooshed them in brown pigment ink so it got in all the little cracks and on the edges. See how cool they are? And they are tiny and perfect for all my fall cards! Woohoo!
 Yes, it takes very little to excite is your bonus shot:
Got some new stamps in the mail and a retired Bigz die for making petals and fringe. Thanks for popping in and I hope you all enjoy the rest of WOYWW. :)


  1. alot going on here your desk is nice and organzied I loved the layered leaf card from scraps my kind of card making have a great day!

  2. Hey girl the cards are great, especially love those little leaves, they look great with the crackle and the inking. I totally love the bonus card the best in the bunch.

    Great to see you crafting and having some fun, about time, you study too hard and you need time to relax, unwind and create.

    Hugs to you and yours
    Eliza (shoot I don't know what number but it is late)

  3. Beautiful cards , & what a clever idea you have for cleaning your stamps i'll have to remember that one. Jill #61

  4. The little leaf embellishments are great! I must confess I like the card you made out of their "scraps" better, though -- but of course it's unfair to compare a whole card to a group of embellishments!

  5. Speaking of not being quick... it is probably tomorrow already in Julia's world and I'm just now getting around to linking. Good to see THINGS on your desk again. It is a happier place that way. Love all your sparkly fall cards! Those leave punch outs are fabulous! What a clever idea. Bonus shot--new stamps! Woo! I have new stamps too but they are Valentine's Day so I probably won't be inking them up too soon. I really need to start those holiday ones..... soon!

  6. Oh what an array of beautiful harvest cards and those leaves are fabulous. Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #96

  7. Great idea on the stamp cleaner. I've tried it with an old terry washcloth. Will have to hunt up a sponge. Use an old plastic tv dinner tray to hold it. When it gets too scroungy to bear, toss it, get another. Loved all your cards. Great idea to use the cutout as a base for another. All the glitter was so cherry & sparkling. Will have to try your leaf idea. That's really pretty, great embellishment. TFS

    1. When the top gets too scroungy I actually use a knife or some scissors and just trim it off, like how you would take the top off a cake to make a layered cake, usually about the top 1/4. You don't even have to worry about how level or smooth your cut is! That gets me down to clean sponge again, still with plenty of ridges for stamp groove cleaning. Also, the sponge I'm using has a scrubber pad on its base(the other side basically), which helps keep water from just running right through the sponge and pooling in my container. That was a bonus feature though, I had to get this kind because all the other sponges were too smooth and I knew they wouldn't get in the grooves like I needed so the only rough sponges were one side rough and one side scrubber pad. Well, it ended up working out. :)

  8. Hi Deeyll!
    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. we had no power last week because of the hurricane!
    Thank you for your advice on my pumpkin. I finished it, check it out if you want. And I am honored that you want to copy it for your mom's thanksgiving table!!
    Your cards are awesome!!

  9. So many lovely Thanksgiving cards--thank you for sharing!

    #129ish this week

  10. Thanks for visiting me and glad I made a return visit. I just love those leaves , they look almost real. How do you choose which paper to use from all those pads. I have difficulty with my little few!!
    Tricia 124

    1. It is very difficult! lol Sometimes I tear several sheets out and make a few cards, instead of just one like I was planning on making. :)

  11. Wow - look at all those wonderful fall cards! Yep, I say you've been on a roll!!! Way to go.

    I also think I have paper envy.......

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #5

  12. I watched your video, it is a great idea!!

  13. I love your leaves! How fun they are going to be to use! I also loved your sponge idea! looks like you have been a busy girl this week. I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful ideas you shared for my room!

  14. Wow, you have been busy, Deeyll! I love all you cards, especially the one using up all your scraps, and your wonderful leaves. Oh, and fab idea about the "fancy sponge!"

    Thanks for visiting me earlier. Did you go and get a wreath stamp? Mine was not a stamp. I just made it look like a wreath by overstamping the litte leaves in a circle shape. Hope you found something you like and that you have a great week! Darnell #42


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