Monday, December 10, 2012

The Crimson Wing

I am highly recommending this Disney Nature film, available on Netflix and other places I'm sure, but with some will cry! :) I watched it because I am already head-over-heels in love with the soundtrack and wanted to see what went along with it, or what had inspired it...maybe? Here is a link to a preview of the music. So, I watched it late last night, okay it was very very early this morning, and anyways maybe I was tired or just feeling emotional but I thought the movie was incredibly moving, inspirational and extraordinarily beautiful...the cinematography is just stunning! Since its about nature it, of course, has its parts where I just refused to watch, but the rest of it was so inspiring and made me think of a whole lot more than birds, oh yeah I didn't mention that...its about flamingo's, which sounds boring but its absolutely riveting. Or I'm easily entertained. Which we all know is true, but still! It was really beautiful and I hope if you get a chance to watch it you will. And watch it all the way through, even if you have to cover your eyes at points, like I did. ;)

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