Sunday, October 30, 2011

No regrets?

Just finished watching Meet Joe Black, which I haven't seen in forever...and unlike The Reaper its not funny at all. But I know what the dad was talking about wanting his daughter to feel deliriously happy, to stay never know...lightening could strike, sing with feel. Well, just to feel. To live with no regrets and I'm watching the dad at his 65th party telling the people he has really enjoyed living and 65 years goes by in a blink. And he isn't afraid to die. It makes me wonder if I will be afraid then, because I think I am now. But you see how all the people love him and you know they are going to miss him so much, right? Yes, I know its just a movie but play along here. You see them and know they will miss him and be so sad at his death and I think, what about the people that no one is really sad to see die? Are they doing us the bigger favor? They won't be missed, they lived with regrets or not, I don't know, but they won't be missed. Or will they? And I wonder should I try to be the person who no one regrets losing or the one everyone will miss...or will I just be me, regrets or no, one some might miss and others will not...we do get to choose, right? Life or death, blessings or cursings...but if you aren't the miss-able kind won't people feel bad about not missing you? And that would not be good. So its probably just the all-around good choice to choose to be miss-able... What if you choose to be miss-able and still aren't missed? I guess that's where the old saying you can't please them all comes in, huh? Well, so be it.

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