Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest cards/projects...

First up is a short video of my first "exploded" box. Here are the steps to make it via pictures...
 First these are papers stuck together with double-sided sticky tape and then I cut the lines and angles and used my circle shape punch to cut out the little half circle at the bottom.
 Then I put them together to form a base for the rocket body which is just a piece of paper wrapped to form a tube and double-sided sticky taped together. See?
 And I place it on the base like so...

 I made a cone and glued it together and then used sparkly glitter glue to make it sparkly and when that wasn't sparkly enough I covered it some more with glitter nail polish from the $Tree. Love it!
 The green side is the outside of the box and the blue polka dotted side is the inside of the box. I constructed the box out of two12x12 sized papers, color coordinated of course, and thin cardboard for rigidity. I cut out paper diamonds and inked the edges then strung them on ribbon hot-glued to the corners and taped them together to make bunting. I used individual letters on a round background sticker to spell out my words.
 The words are, "We had a blast"
 Here's the lid, so complicated I can't even explain it but if you're dying to know how to make it you can google it, I'm sure... :)
 I did manage to get my print centered on the outside of the lid...but then there were these ugly edges. What to do? Ah, I'll figure it out later...
 So here she be, completed!

 My rocket rocks, right? :) It was a blast to make! Seriously, check out the next next next next pic...

 And lookee how I fixed up the lid so you can't see the ugly corners, plus it looks even cuter now, huh?
 Look what a mess I made! Whoohoo, it was fun...

 Here it is completed and ready to be gifted to the wonderful family that it was made for.

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