Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the cooler nights and leaves all over the ground. After a few weeks the leaves get real old, though, and I like to rake them for about 30 minutes and then I am done. My enthusiasm wanes quickly when serious labor is involved and margarita's are I had a flash of genius this morning that mostly involved me not doing all the raking but the yard still getting raked. Want to know? I watch a young cousin and she was over today, so I suggested she and my son might have a lot of fun jumping in a pile of leaves...which they thought would be a blast! A few hours later, one giant pile of leaves and one nicely raked yard yielded these pictures...

They unknowingly scored some serious brownie points with the neighbors, too. I told them the neighbors probably wouldn't mind if they took some of their leaves, laying in their yards, for our pile and sure enough, the neighbors said take all the leaves you want! So at least four of our neighbors got rid of some of their leaves...30,000 down, 150,000 left!

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