Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WOYWW #157

Hard to believe it's already Wednesday again! Time to show off my messy desk and what all sorts of crafty stuff I've been getting up to...not too much this week, I have a card I'm a little stumped on. Mostly because I can't commit. There. Its been said. Nah, I don't feel too much shame! ;) It's just that I have a vision but I'm not sure my technical skills can attain it so I'm dilly dallying around. Here is the unfinished card, and I learned the technique from, um, somebody else...ooh, happy-jeanie.blogspot, and she gives the credit to someone else and so on and on it goes because there are so many wonderfully talented imaginative people out there willing to share with the rest of us! So here, finally, is the incomplete card:
Then right above this speech blurble is my desk earlier this week...and below is my desk this evening, without having put much away from earlier in the week and before I've gotten back at it, tackling that faceless card again...
See, it's a terrific mess, huh? :) That was a wider angle and next is a little closer up, where you can see the remains or parts used for an ATC I was working on. Still am, truthfully. I want it to be more, *more*, than it is right now, ya know?
 More of a front on view...same desk, same mess. :)
Next is an embellishment I made thinking it might work well on the front of that unfinished card, but then I'm like, "It's a teacup," what saying or occasion goes with a teacup? If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments, especially if they are slightly snarky or sassy...otherwise the card may be too sweet and put someone in a diabetic coma or something! ;)


  1. You have really got one busy desk!!!
    Happy WOYWW! Carol #151

  2. Hi, Can I come and play at your desk? What a lot of lovely supplies you have there! And I am SO pleased that it is still Wednesday somewhere! I thought it might be, but trying to work out time zones hurts my head!

  3. Happy belated WOYWW from rainy Pembrokeshire (still visiting workspaces rather than getting on with making an ATC!). You have so much on your desk - my eye keeps getting drawn up to the scissors (I thought I had lots, but they fit in a small pot!). I love the teacup; it would make a lovely card for any occasion. Probably a challenge for it somewhere. Ali x #54

  4. I like your creative workspace! So many goodies to play with! Your embellishment is cute! It could be a "thinking of you" or a "friend card" or a Thank You. Valerie #144

  5. Love your space.. I want to come over and play... I love the T-Cup on the rosette simply Brillant.. Have a Happy week, Hugs May x x x#34

  6. Loads of lovely stash on your desk, wish I could come round to play! BJ#32

  7. I think your teacup would go nicely on the card-in-progress. If you don't have any upcoming occasions, it could go in an emergency card stash where it can be grabbed in haste. Perhaps you could stamp a few sentiments (but not adhere them) that could be added quickly. The image lends itself well to thank you, birthday, thinking of you. Can't think of any snarky comments off the top of my head. :) ~ Laura #101

  8. well no snarky comments from me either but just wondering how you manage to not want to use all those yummy goodies on your cards :)
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  9. Lovely desk and bet that card is going to be great. I can't think of any comments really - only one I've seen is You're my cup of tea- not sure on what occasion you would use it though. Thans for visiting me. Anne x

  10. You're too funny and your desk is a total mess! I'd be on my fainting couch as I'm hopeless OCD. Hey that's it, maybe you could hand-write: "There, there, dearie, don't faint. Have a cuppa!"

    Thanks for the peek! (I'm late getting around.) Darnell 56

  11. Hee hee. I LOVE your crafting space!!!! I can see myself making myself right at home here. Lots of fun things that I could try out. Your tea cup looks great and fits right in with the card in progress!

    The fabric was a remnant I bought at Hobby Lobby -- I found a cool purse pattern on pinterest. Oh, but I don't sew..... but do have a sewing machine. I might just get brave......

    Thanks for stopping by!!

    Kay #114

  12. What a happy, messy desk. I love the card base; it has such potential (too much, maybe that's the problem). The teacup would work with it. For a snarky comment I can only think of the little rhyme we said as kids: Tea for two, but all for me, and none for you! And no, I have no idea what occasion that would be used for! If nothing comes to mind, throw it in a stash and at some point it will resurface and perhaps new ideas will spring forth.

  13. Super desk, with lots of fab goodies! Take care my WOYWW friend, am still snooping, all but a little late! Zo xx 65

  14. Sorry I am so late!! Great space and I love those yellow bins you have! Not a mess just creative chaos!!
    sorry only 2 sentiments, one was already said, the other is "fancy a cuppa". that's all I got!!

  15. Lots going on here - love the wee teacup. The card looks interesting - will be looking out now to see it finished!
    Bernice (126)

  16. How many alphabet sets? *grin* jealous!!
    You're my cup of tea/Time for tea/Tea and sympathy/one lump or two...
    - there's a few...I have a few on stamps that I'll look put too if you want...gimme some time tho' involves digging!

  17. Great looking desk...very creative. I love the embellishment and think it would look gorgeous on a card. I started buying the Studio G letter sets. Love them! Sorry I am so late getting by called. Thanks for posting on my blog. Have a great week. Vickie #51

    1. I know! A whole alphabet set for $.97 is just about unbeatable, right? I picked another one up the other day! :) And no worries on being so late...I don't even consider it late until its come round to the next Wednesday again so you are early by 3 days-ish! lol

  18. Oh wow! How wonderfully creative is your desk!All those lovely alphabet sets, the fancy fold cards and all the different bits on the go at the same time. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!

    Scrappydiva (aka Anthea)

  19. Your desk looks to be a great lot of fun, would love to rummage around and see all the goodies!

    The teacup embellishment is great, but alas, I have no sentiment for you on that one . . .



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