Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am so excited I didn't even make it to my craft room! And its hard for me to type since my fingers are itching to open these packages I just received from a lady I can only describe as super mega sweet!!! No, those words aren't even good enough...just wait and you'll see what I mean. I've a few pictures to show you and they aren't very good since they are taken at my living room desk and the lighting isn't as good as in the craft room, but like I said I couldn't even wait until I made it to the craft room. Once I opened the box I received in the mail today I was all "Whats this?" and then "oooh, eeeeee, whoooaaa, eeeeeeee, oh WOW, lookeeee", and so on in that same vein! Somebody amazing sent me one of the biggest surprises ever! See:
A whole tool set with all kinds of attachy things that I have no idea how to use but I am MEGA excited to try it out! And beautiful double-sided papers from K&Company and a SU ink pad in a yummy looking eggplant and see that Antiquities ink pad? Its the most awesome color of pink! Pink is my favorite color! Its almost like she knew. ;) Hiding on the bottom is an alphabet stamp set that really rocks! I almost bought one just like earlier this week, now I'm glad I didn't! lol
She sent me Perfect Pearls!!! I love them and my local crafting store, yes we only have one, doesn't even have these colors...they are so bright! Just perfect to top of some of my favorite kinds of cards. Just opened the kreate-a-frame package and my mind is swirling with possibilities!
Treasure filled my whole desk!!! All the way onto my printer even! So much! Eeeee! Too many wonderful goodies to even tell you what they all are! But look forward to seeing them in the coming days in new projects!
Now who could have been this super fantastically sweet??? I bet some of you guessed already! I bet she is known for being a mega-sweetheart and here I am so new to the game I didn't know but I do now! And on top of being oober generous she is also veeeeery talented...its Cindy aka scrapcollectr! Without further ado here is the little gem of an ATC she sent...
Just look at that jazzed up ATC! Even my son, who knows just the tiniest smidge about crafting, was like "Man it must have taken forever to put those beads on! That's pretty cool mom." I don't know how long it took but what a special touch! I'm not sure if you can see the middle zebra but its glittery! :)
I just wanted to let her know (and totally brag on her generosity!) that if I hadn't had a charlie horse wake me up this morning I literally would have jumped for joy when I got all the goodies she sent!
Hope you all have a wonderful evening, I know I will with all these goodies to play with! :)


  1. OH WOW! what a wonderful package and what a sweet blogger to have sent you all those very exciting! I bet you can't wait to get started crafting :o) How have you been Deeyll, it's been a time since I commented, I'm sorry :o( it's been so busy around here, my mom will be visiting in about a week and I haven't gotten everything done I wanted to but I'm still plugging away... unfortunately blogging has been put to the side. Soooo, this week I'm trying to catch up with my bloggy friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see what you make with all that wonderful stuff! Hugs Jennifer

  2. Deeyl,

    Wonderful bunch of goodies that is for sure. Oh and the badge is to the left of the sissor stand under the arm of the light, right in front.

    Thanks for trying to find it.

    Eliza #163


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