Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pictures from most recent Crafting Party...

My lovely sister even made it up for our last crafting party! The ladies didn't really have any projects they had been working on so I taught them how to make a couple different kinds of paper flowers and paper rosettes. I also gave a "live" showing of my paper rosette trick, which *blew* their minds! It was so fun. Now we can't stop making paper rosettes and by we I mean to follow! But first here are the ones from the crafting party.

3 very young ladies were able to make the party since school was on winter break and we let them decorate some pink bags to take their new creations home in. The pictures of the flowers the ladies made really didn't do them justice. Their flowers really turned out very pretty but its next to impossible to grab a super good picture on the run, ya know? Anyways, here are some shots of the many, many, many rosettes I've been making...I just don't know what to do with them now. Leave suggestions in the comment section, if you have any you care to share...they don't all have their centers done, so I can still do lots of different things with them.
 Wow, these did not photo very well, either. They are much much cuter in person. : (

 This one even made my Mom gush about how precious it is! (She's not really a crafty lady, but she pretends for me. Only she didn't have to on this one!)

Love these puppies, but they do have some real dimension to them so putting them on cards gets a little awkward so any other ideas for what to do with them?

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