Thursday, April 21, 2011


I just saw the saddest thing...Hallmark is making a recordable storybook now and at the end of the commercial a little boy sits in his bed at bedtime listening to his Grandpa's recorded voice reading the story to him. What makes it so sad? No, the grandpa isn't dead, he just went back to Florida or somewhere. What made it so sad to me was...where are the parents? Why is this little boy sitting in bed listening to a recorded reading instead of having a live loving parent read a bedtime story to him? Bit of a bummer of a post but it just struck me as ironic that a commercial which was probably intended to be sweet is in reality very sad.

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  1. Very sad. There is also one with two sisters listening to their storybook, no parents to be seen anywhere.
    Not a good message.


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