Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Abandon Ship!?

I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted! But I'm sure most of you dear friends realize how busy this time of year is and that was before I had to deal with the storm clean-up...and I ended up getting to decorate for a very special dinner we have once a year, called the Night To Be Much Observed, which I really love to do. I made some pretty neat place cards...and got some pictures today of them...please ignore the surrounding got a little crazy! I made the fancy gates on my Cricut and the smaller ones with a Martha Stewart border punch and a fleur de lis paper punch. I didn't get any pictures of the table once it was set with the place cards, favors, candles, crowns and flowers but it was really pretty and very purple, think royal purple and lilac, so my good friend Poe must be rubbing off on me more than I know!

The smaller tag was for the children at the table.

The next pictures are of some favors I made...
The ladies received favors along these lines, with an additional sparkly key pin and a sparkly crown option I didn't get pics of, and the men received heavy cast iron key paperweights. The theme was along the lines of royal Key of David vision and the gates had to do with a hymn I had stuck in my head about opening the gates of righteousness, where all the righteous enter in...and how the Key opens that gate...


  1. These are so detailed! I didn't realize. Wow! Very pretty.
    I like the small hourglass, cute.
    You put a lot of work into it.

  2. I lerve your gratuitous comments Poe! They keep me going... ;)


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