Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stuff I am thinking of listing on Etsy...

So here's some stuff I made and I would dearly love any feedback ya'll would like to leave! It's not outrageously expensive to list on Etsy or anything but I still hate to waste the money for things that aren't going to sell so if anyone has any tips, feedback or suggestions for improvement I really would love to hear 'em. Thanks in advance!
 This is a headband, so frilly with a line of pink pearls sewn on then tied on for extra fussy-ness...all securely attached to a black headband.

Above is the view from the side, then top and then side again?

 This is a frilly bit of feminine charm that you can add to your hair or dress or shirt or where ever you want because I put it on this cool clip that can attach it to whatever. And it has some pink pearls and a rose center.

More frilly girly-ness and just as easily set in your hair as it is on your dress or any plain shirt you want to girlify since it is securely attached to this cool clip thingy.
 Another view, same fussy...
 This is a yo-yo I personally hand sewed and gathered. I made it into a necklace for this pic by adding a bottle cap and some pretty ribbon. I love ribbon for necklaces because its versatile, pretty, comfortable and very affordable!
 Here is where I was thinking about offering yo-yo's as magnets with rhinestone embellished bottle cap middles...or...
Tie a bow on some ribbon and wa-la! Instant necklace...

Vintage styled image of a little girl with a little red and white starry ball. I used the sage ribbon in this photo but later are some images with a pink ribbon, but you could use just about any color you wanted...
 This charm is about a 1"x 2" rectangle...

 This is the reverse side of the little girl necklace so you get 2 necklaces or charms in one!

 This is approximately 1"x1" square charm, made into a necklace with some sage ribbon. Its some sort of pretty purply flower with a little butterfly in the top left corner...can you see it? ;)

 This is the reverse side of the purple flower charmed necklace from above and tied with a pink ribbon.

 Tied the pink on the little girl charm to see how it would look...I lerve pink sooooo much!!! : )
 Reverse of little girl with pink ribbon, just cause...

So what do ya'll think? Lemme know!

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  1. Oh it's all so pretty and girly and fussy!
    I like everything. The hair clip is really cute. The headband is darling too but I'm such a clutz that something bad would happen to me if I wore it I'm sure.
    You should list these things, they would sell like hotcakes!


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