Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Fatherless Generation

Just finished watching How I Met Your Mother...I can identify with Barney so strongly in this last episode. My dad also left our family only to take up with another family and be the kind of dad I needed, but for them and not us. Thankfully God has given me the grace to forgive him. But the whole episode made me think about the issue of fatherless children and how epidemic the absence of fathers in families is. How many young boys don't know how to use a screwdriver because they have no dad to show them how to? How many young girls have no idea how a lady should be treated because they have no dad to show them? And how many men do not know how to treat a woman like a lady? Those are rhetorical questions of course but, if you are a dad and you are reading this, then please understand you have something to offer your child that no one else can. The love and teaching and encouragement of a Dad. You are invaluable and irreplaceable and somewhere there is at least one set of eyes looking to you for approval and love and an example to follow. Walk tall dads, so that your children may not fall under the curses of a fatherless generation. And if you grew up without a Godly dad it's never too late to let God fill in whatever knowledge gaps you might have.


  1. Good post.
    Sometimes you can have a Dad in the home but doesn't behave like a Dad should.
    This world would be a lot better off if Dad's took their jobs seriously.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Poe...You're such a sweetie and I really appreciate your comments! :)


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