Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What are you looking at?

Well, with my classes wrapped up for this last semester you would think I would be posting like crazy. I mean, I have the time now, right? Hmmm...I always find stuff to fill my days up though so it seems like I have to make time for things I really want to do, otherwise they just won't get done. I think I read something the other day that said I put the "pro" in procrastinating. If it can't be put off until tomorrow then it probably won't get done today either. Any thoughts? What do you have to make time for? And what do you push off until the last possible moment? If you are reading this I really do want to know what you think...have you seen my visitor count? You are so rare and few, my precious visitors! Seriously, confess. Leave as anonymous if you need to. I'll still know who you are. Maybe. I mean, I didn't know my own sister wanted to take a pottery class! Surprise me...
                                                  Bonus points if you make me laugh!


  1. Don't you love the kitty in the reminds me of my sister, Shandy, and how I think she feels about my sense of humor!

  2. Lol, I didn't even notice the kitten in the background! I would agree that I am a fact that was my homeroom class name in 7th grade - "Parr's procrastinators". Needless to say, we never got our class poster done! Anyway, I have tried to overcome that particular thing in my life; I'll tell you how I'm doing some other time. ~~Shandy


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