Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We had a little guest last weekend!

My nephew stayed over last weekend and he was so cute I had to snap a few pictures...Check him out!
This first picture is what he does when you tell him to smile...
Looks almost painful, right? But it is so cute in reality! He did this every time I told him to smile. I just have to wonder what his parents are teaching him! : )
Next is a picture of what he can do to my nice clean living room in just under 10 seconds flat.
But at least my brother has taught him to pick up after himself and so this picture is after he has even picked up several things already. I'm not sure what Weenie Dawg is contributing to the effort, though. I think he is getting a head start on deleavening by looking for the cookies my nephew stashes around my house...including the Coco Puffs he puts in toy cars. They are like little round dark people, not saying they are fat-just round from every angle!


  1. What a cutey patootey! I just love that smile. Boys are so much fun, especially at that age.

  2. Love how you added "especially at that age."

  3. Awww, baby boy is adorable!! You are so lucky Deeyll to get to spend time with him as often as you do....I'm jealous! You get to be the cool aunt this time around. :-) ~~Shandy

  4. I think I've shown atleast 30 people this picture!! He is too cute, I just have to have a copy of it! ~~Shandy

  5. Cleaning up after this sweety is my idea off a hot date!


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