Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WOYWW #205

So I've been terribly busy with final exams, and projects which could have been started months ago but why, when you can wait until the last 48 hours before they are due? I *know* I am not alone in this! lol :) But, off and on, I did manage to get a few cards completed, including my Mother's Day one, so I feel way ahead of things there. I usually wait until the night before to make it! :) Well, you are here to see the desk, since it's WOYWW, thanks to the lovely and fabulous Julia over at Stamping Ground, so here you go:
Actually, the top picture was last weeks picture, since I planned to join, took the picture and then got too busy to join! Here is this week's picture though, not much changed:
It's a little cleaner and my other new twine has come in. I found a good deal on ebay for the 240 yd spools in just the right softer colors of pink and purple twine...look the pink got used already even!
This is one of the blanks/bases from a few weeks back. The softer pink twine is one of the things I was waiting for to finish it. That and inspiration to strike! :) Here's a close-up of the mustache's along the bottom:
Here is an anniversary card for this of two I completed, the next follows this one:

And finally is proof that I got my Mother's Day card finished, no worries about posting it since my mom doesn't check my blog. She has one of those ancient limited data plans for internet...who can even function with those?! We couldn't possibly! lol :)
I think it's prettier in reality, the upper left flower really does look like it belongs! lol And inside the envelope or pocket is the stamped image of 4 kids and their mom, I think its a stamp from TH? Looks old timey? Anyways, its a joke for my mom because there are 4 of us kids and she said all she wanted for Mothers Day was a picture of us kids all together, which didn't happen of course! So when I saw that stamp with the four kids and mom I knew it would make a perfect joke out of us not getting our picture made. I hope it makes her laugh anyways! And I hope you all have a wonderful WOYWW and rest of your week and a fabulous weekend, whatever your plans, and until next time here is a big hug and a smile from me to you! :)


  1. Fab cards and I'm loving the joke with your Mum. I too have a fab mother with a great sense of humour.
    Best wishes Lea
    aka Brawny #144

  2. Great cards. I am not a card maker but I must try making one for my daughter for Mother's Day.

  3. WOW! Love your desk so full of goodies. Beautiful cards. What is that bottle beside the pink bakers twine? Love it. Gorgeous stamps too. Happy Wednesday from your newest follower. :) SueC#120

    1. That's my water spritzing bottle. It spritzes a very fine spray so it works great with distress inks and water coloring. And cleaning my stamps, too! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. You had lots of goodies on your desk last week. And quite a few cards done this week. Yay! I can never seem to catch up. LOL. Brigita #122

  5. Glad to see you made the post, you make me laught my mum was the same when she was alive always wanting photos of us together, she did get one before she passed on. Beautiful cards, lovely twine too, I don't use twine at all, maybe I should start the problem is I just loooove ribbon.

    You have a great week and mothers day
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

    1. Oh, I am loving twine and washi, right now! Though my stash of ribbon is not hurting too bad for attention, but its easier to use twine and washi...I can't figure out how to tie decent bows for the life of me! Another bit of youtube surfing is in order there. :)

  6. What a lovely Mother's Day card! I need to get to work and get mine you, I usually wait until the night before. LOL!
    Anna #151

  7. I don't know about you, but I work better under pressure. :-) Your cards turned out beautifully. I'm sure your Mom will think that stamp is funny.
    April #150

  8. I love twine too and yes think we must have been missing each other in the long list of WOYWW people that are about now.. I have been on it 57 times and my blog has not changed a lot over that time.. Julia is a popular lady.. Your cards are lovely and your crafty spot looks very productive and busy..
    Have fun
    Sandy :)

  9. great looking desk both last week and this week. Beautiful cards. Are you about done with finals? Are you going to do the ATC for WOYWW anniversary the end of the month. If so do you want to swap? Let me know. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #36

  10. Lovely cards you have created

    Happy crafting

    Candace #62

  11. Happy Very Belated WOYWW. Those new twines are such pretty colours. I have very small amounts of it - would never use up such large rolls. Lovely cards - and the pink moustaches are brilliant. Ali x #25

  12. Love all your cards!!! You've been quite busy. I love the twine too. I found some at TJ Maxx yesterday - small rounds more like ribbons - maybe twenty in the pack. I've also been lucky to find some washi tape lately!! Yay. I can honestly say that I should have enough supplies to keep me busy for DECADES!

    I knew it wouldn't be before Saturday that I'd get a chance to visit people but here it is Sunday already!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (11)


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