Friday, March 29, 2013

I missed WOYWW this week...

I missed it because I was asleep most of Wednesday! I have been very very busy the last week or so and it finally all caught up with me on Wednesday...I didn't get up until noon and then by 1:30, or an hour and a half later, I felt so drained that I laid down on top of my bed in a faceplant and promptly crashed for 4 hours! Even when I woke up I still felt tired but, purely in an effort to stay awake, I went out to get some food and see if Hobby Lobby had the new stuff up on the shelves yet. And they did. :) But it wasn't on sale and, though I love new craft stuff, I love a good deal more so I will wait until it is half off, which should be next week or so. I can wait, right? It builds my patience, something I can always use more of. Well, I just wanted to check in and make sure anybody who cares or is a regular WOYWWer perhaps doesn't go into withdrawals from my lack of posting this week. :)
Have a fabulous weekend and hope to see you soon, or at least next Wednesday. :)


  1. LOL...Some days you just gotta stay in bed..Been there, done that.

  2. Oh boy. See, we need our sleep! These stores are always giving us coupons too for 20/30% entire purchase or something similar. So hard to stay out of. LOL.


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