Friday, February 15, 2013

Kanban Anniversary Card!

I am so excited about this one, I really think its my best yet, or else I just love it best so far! :) It is an anniversary card but I know the couple and they never look at my blog so I'm not worried this will spoil the surprise. Just wanted to share it and say have a lovely weekend y'all!

And if you don't have these stamps but can get them you totally should! :)


  1. Super cards on here! I'm a friend of Kay's and spotted your little question to the right hand side of your blog about Vivienne stamps by Kanban.
    Are these the ones?

    I live in the UK and could get them sent to me as they're on UK eBay and then post onwards to you if you'd like, just to help out - I often send parcels to the USA and they certainly don't cost $40. That's a rip off!! Can do it just for the basic costs - I regularly trot off to the Post Office here :))

    My email is


    1. Hi Di, I just sent you an e-mail but I forgot to ask if OkieNurse(from WOYWW) might be able to get in touch with you? I know she is looking for some help getting some items ordered from the UK, too. If you want to extend the offer to her you can find her off the WOYWW list or shoot me an email at deeyll@hotmail and I'll forward you on to her or her on to you, okay? Thanks, again, for the offer. You're super super sweet to make it! :)

  2. What a fun card. The images are awesome! Love 'em!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Hi Sweets! Thank you so much for the award! that was so nice of you, you made me smile :o)
    I don't put the awards on the blog anymore but I will try to list a few blogs and pay it forward, if I can find any with less...most people have a ton!!! LOL! I love the card too, the colors are fantastic and I also like the background design, very nice! Have a nice weekend! hugs Jennifer

  4. It is so very nice.,I especially love the center figure. Tfs


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