Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My first tute!

Tutorial, that is! Go check it out, if you like making paper rosette's or watching my hands make paper rosette's or really love the sound of my voice. And if you want to be able to critique my tute-making skills. : ) Don't worry about not understanding the technical lingo I use...papercutter thing is short for sliding cutting blade, but that's not really important in the grand scheme of things, now is it? Here are also some pictures of two cards I made for my one special requester.(Thank you dear Sis!) They are different than the antiqued ones I have been doing lately, but I really like them...they look very simply beautiful. And I just discovered and removed a nonpareil under my letter "v" on my keyboard, which came off the white chocolate covered pretzels our local Braum's is selling...a-maze-ing! So yummy, highly addictive, in the very best possible way. Anyways, here's the pic's:

So what do y'all think? I've been wondering if I should ink up the edges of the cards, but they look so crisp and clean right now and as they are fairly simple cards the clean edges just look...right? These are the least fussy cards I have made in a long time but I used some new, for me, techniques that make them uniquely beautiful, in my eyes. Hopefully the receivers will think they are beautiful, too. Later this week I plan to put some close-up pic's, of our items, from our Craft Mall booth on here so stay tuned! ; )
And have a great week!

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