Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pics of our new place!

Before and after pictures of the booth we just set up and the store front we just re-did:
So the booth pic has our partially assembled big display piece already in it, oops...

 Here is the back wall, I hung a vintage linen and white twinkly lights to cover the pegboard and give it some character:

 It's not completely full at the moment but we'll get it there. I should have taken some close-ups of our stuff, especially the doors I hung my sassy embellishments on. It's flat-out gorgeous close-up, no kidding.
Next picture is the store front where our booth is. The display is um, lackluster? Disjointed?
 My booth partner did the painting, she is sooooo talented! She did it on the inside of the window so weather wouldn't damage it, which means she did the whole thing backwards! But it looks awesome, right?
Sweet snowman, huh? We were trying to keep it just blue and white but we needed some pop of color so we threw the red in. The new display on the shelves was my major contribution to the store front.


  1. I love seeing how others set-up and decorate their booths!

    I love those lights - where did you find them? Are they pink lights? I have seen them on occasion, but they are hard to find. Usually I use the white strand bridal lights from the craft store.

    Here is my other blog about my booth at the Antique Mall:

    Thanks for following my other blog!xo

    -pamela :)

  2. Actually the lights are just the white ones, but next to the pink sheet they take on a bit of a pinkish glow, cool huh? ;)

    Thanks for leaving a comment and following me! I'm gonna run over to your other blog and check out your booth. I bet it's awesome! :)


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